Hello folks, currently an AB on tugs I don’t have my RFPNW is there any point of getting it? Plan on staying only on tugs under 500gt also. Should note I plan on upgrading to mate 500 oceans as soon as I can.

I would say yes, because you’ll need it to get your OICNW 500gt. Officer in Charge of a Navigation Watch is your Mate level STCW cert. Not all towing companies want/require one but it gives you more options for work

Only vessels under 200 GRT are exempt from STCW and only on domestic routes. (Inland vessels of all sizes are exempt also.) Also, regardless of what you THINK you’re going to do in the future you would be well served to get everything you can because you never know what your future holds. Like people before the last downturn who only had OSV licenses and saw no reason to ever get anything else.


Get every document you can qualify for. You will thank yourself later down the road, need it or not.