Homeport MMC verification tool

Have you seen the new MMC verification tool on Homeport’s Merchant Marinier page? Just under the “…application status” link. Pretty cool! Very useful to the mariner to verify NMC has things correct. Very useful to the potential employer who wants to check you out. Plus, and this is nice, they detail all the STCW codes you’ve got, even the ones they refuse to print on your STCW anymore.

I’d post a link but their site always times out sessions so that would be useless.

What is really interesting, and this goes back to a discussion in this forum a while back, my “old” license and MMD don’t expire till Sep 09, my new one were issued in Apr 09 and all 4 are listed on the site as “Valid”, only the newest STCW is listed.

This being the case, why didn’t they just put the “start” date for my new License and MMD to match the expiration date of my “old” one so that I wouldn’t have lost 5 months on my renewal dates in 2014!?:confused:

I had mentioned before that my new documents have my name mispelled, well it’s mispelled on the Homeport Site as well.

That is pretty neat - and it also helps my argument of why I’m going to post my license on a ship and not my MMC, because they’re ALL listed as Valid on homeport. Hey, if the Coast Guard says so…

Well that is pretty cool, but potentially confusing to an HR type if they only print out the “Print Friendly” version. That shows everything listed as valid, including old license/stcw info, and mine was oldest stuff on top.

Trust the NMC to make a mess of something that is potentially very useful. I took a look at mine and I wouldn’t sugget to any HR person to use it. And if a foreign port state control type wasn’t willing to read past the first (oldest) license section, someone could be in for some hassle.

Dang it.

How do I find “Homeport?” Is that the same place I go to track the progress of my application?

[QUOTE=Navy SWO;15347]How do I find “Homeport?” Is that the same place I go to track the progress of my application?[/QUOTE]

Homeport link

Merchant Mariners link on the Homeport

Application check link