Strange email from NMC -false expiration notice

Has anyone else gotten an Email from NMC telling them their MMC is expiring soon when that’s not the case?

Received an email just now from NMC stating that my license is expiring 5Nov2019.

My MMC and the NMC credential verification webpage both say 20Jan2022. What the heck?

My MMC was set to expire and I renewed and upgraded a few months before it did. Still got e-mails from the NMC about my old credential being about to expire after the new one was issued.

Pretty sure that’s what happened on mine too since that’s the old expiration date from my last issue, but geez, I got a new one two years ago! That record keeping on their part is worse than I realized.

You can take this with a grain of salt but I would guess they are using something like Microsoft or Oracle database software for their records. The office drones wouldn’t have access to the automatic functions like email notifications and the like. Instead it would be set up by a database administrator. The records themselves are likely correct with regards to current expiry but perhaps the email function is using the earlier record or some such.

Just a guess, my understanding of this is sketchy at best.

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Actually just got an email back from NMC. That’s pretty much exactly what happened. For whatever reason I guess they create new records rather than updating dates on current ones.

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The fact that the MMC has two numbers, the mariner number and document number implies that each document, expired or not has it’s own record.


The license lookup and application status webpages seems very similar to to me…including the sluggishness and super slow loading. Funny how software companies go back to the 1990’s in terms of speed with “new improvements”. Remember the original google maps (offered as “classic” for a while)?

There is some separation. Occasionally I need to look up what someone holds, and I usually need help to find out if any upgrade stickers were issued. I can easily pull up a copy of what was first issued, but there’s an added step to ascertain what may have been issued after. So Kennebec Cs explanation is plausible and likely.

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