Multiple expiration dates

Forgive me if this is a dumb question.

I have limited tonnage licenses, missed my hoped-for upgrade on my last renewal by a couple weeks of sea time, but added an AB to my ticket when I renewed what I had. I just upgraded my license, but now my AB and my master’s license have different renewal dates by a year and change.

What’s the best way to deal with this so I don’t have to deal with multiple expiration dates forever? Is there any way to synchronize rating and license expiration dates? Hopefully I’ll have the sea time for my next master upgrade and can test by the time I need to renew the AB, and the next upgrade will supersede the existing one, but it may not happen.

That’s not possible. MMCs have a single expiration date. Everything in it expires at the same time.

Ok. The stickers for the new license list a different expiration date than what was printed in the booklet, so I guess I’ll just go with the earlier expiration date from the booklet. It’s a little confusing that the stickers have their own expiry.


The expiration date on the separate endorsement stickers is supposed to match the expiration date of the MMC booklet. You either are using an old booklet that was already renewed or NMC made a mistake.

NMC makes mistakes?!? Naw…

A mistake makes a lot more sense than different endorsements having different expiration dates. Glad I asked. Thanks, guys.

I’ve never seen the stickers have an expiration date printed on them but I also have always renewed with every transaction I’ve made for a while now so I don’t have those effing stickers in my book.

Does the Document Number on the stickers match the document number of the rest of your book? (That’s the number that’s USA 000xxxxxx)