Heavy lift transport

The Hunter Star arrives in Belokamenka with module for Novatek’s Arctic LNG 2 project. Photo: Belokamenka51 on VK

Biglift’s HAPPY STAR loaded with The Damen Shipyards group built ASD 2111 HELECHOSA ASD 2111 KATHE WESSELS and 3 unnamed ASD 3010’s arrived at Halong Bay- Vietnam from Zhangjiagan – China to load the RSD 2513 VB ENDEAVOUR , ASD 2813 VB COURAGE, ASD 3212 MUTRATUG 35, ASD 3212 EN AVANT 26 and two unnamed ASD 3010’s before heading for Europe with first stop Vigo to offload the HELECHOSA before heading for Rotterdam to offload the remaining tugs.
Source: Maasmond Newsclippings

Now fully loaded:

Beautifull output of two tugboat factories, Damen Shipyard Changde (5) and Damen Song Cam Shipyard (6), on their way to Europe onboard the HAPPY STAR . In collaboration with Damen Service delivery team.

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Cosco’s XIN YAO HUA safely and successfully transported a large drydock from Trinidad to Tuzla, Turkey.

Looks like much of the HLV fleet is busy carrying various kind of cargo for the Renewable energy industry these days:

To make full use of the deck of its Black Marlin, the Boskalis project team installed the casings on the aft deck on the starboard side. This makes it possible to load not ‘just’ ten, but eleven monopiles with a maximum diameter of 7 meters.
Source: Blue Marlin heads to Europe with 20 monopiles for a French wind project

Early March marked the successful sail out of the penultimate batch of Moray West transition pieces (TPs) from the Lamprell Hamriyah facility. This is the fifth batch delivered for the Moray West project, with the final set to follow later this year. We’re happy to announce that both batches three and four reached their destination ahead of schedule. Their arrival and load-in activities were smoothly executed and as is customary, the TPs are undergoing transfer-of-care inspections to ensure everything is ready for the client’s offshore installation. To date, Lamprell has fabricated a total of 56 wind turbine generator and two offshore substation TPs for our client, OW Ocean Winds, as part of our commitment to the renewables sector.The positive feedback we have received surrounding this project is a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality products on time and safely. It’s helping to cement Lamprell’s reputation as a leader in delivering offshore wind products.

The ZHEN HUA 33 performed two consecutive voyages to transport in total 16 Monopiles form Penglai, China to its destination in Nigg, UK for Moray West.

They also carry hulls of inland barges and ships for completion at yard in NW Europe:

The ZHONG REN 121 approaching the Rotterdam Anchorage with 9 newbuilding hulls from China, note on top the new 3800 Vlietdesign MAASVLIET for Hudig & Veder Chartering
Photo : Flying Focus Aerial Photography www.flyingfocus.nl ©

The sheerlegs MATADOR 3 and HEBO LIFT 10 discharging the hulls including the hull of the SARDIUS from the ZHONG REN 121 in Rotterdam.
Photo: Nick Bolt - Operational Crew Manager - Wagenborg Shipping (c)

SCHELDESTROOM with newbuild coaster SARDIUS for Rederij de Bock and inland cargo vessel. The SARDIUS is the second of serie 3600 tonners of Conoship design and will be completed at Holland Shipyards. Both hulls are part of the tranport on ZHONG REN 121 and arrived last week in Rotterdam. Photo: Arie Boer (c)

The Muller Dordrecht pusher ORION pushing the transport ORION will be soon renamed into L’AVENIR from Concordia Damen. Photo : Arie Boer (c)

Source: Maasmond Newsclipping

HLVs carries a large variety of cargos, incl. submarines:
The SEAWAY ALBATROSS transported the decommisioned Italian submarines DA VINCI, MARCONI and FECIA DI COSSATO to the Aliaga Ship Breaking Yard

The SEAWAY ALFA LIFT inbound for Rotterdam Photo : Suzanne Neuman (c)

TheSeaway Alfa Lift icombin Heavy Transport, Heavy Lifting and WTIV functions in one vessel:

HLV “Biglift Baffin” arriving Savannah: