Heavy lift transport

HLV ZHEN HUA 33 inbound for Rotterdam passing the SSCV THIALF:

Photo: Suzanne Neuman (c)

Photo: Jan Oosterboer (c)

She ain’t no beauty:

In the market for some hardly used OSVs?:

The SEAWAY SWAN arrived from Abidjan (Ivorycoast) loaded with 10 Bourbon Units in the Singapore Strait heading for the Batam Anchorage where the units will be offloaded
Photos: Piet Sinke www.maasmondmaritime.com (c)

Seaway Swan seen in Batam ready for offloading of the PSV BOURBON HIMALYA and the AHTSs BOURBON ASTYANAX, BOURBON LIBERTY 239, 225,221,217,237 223 233 & 248:

Photos: Piet Sinke www.maasmondmaritime.com (c)

The BLUE MARLIN loaded with the TRANSOCEAN EQUINOX spotted in Norway
Photo: Unknown

The Audax in icy waters. Photo: Novatek

The SEAWWAY SWAN ballasted down to a draft of 20 mtr to discharge the 10 Bourbon units at the Batu Ampar Anchorage offshore Batam. (27.01.2024)
Photo: Piet Sinke www.maasmondmaritime.com (c)


The SEAWAY SWAN offloaded the BOURBON HIMALYA, BOURBON ASTYANAX, BOURBON LIBERTY 239, 225,221,217,237 223 233 & 248 at the Batu Ampar anchorage off Batam Island.









The offloading was done under the professional guidance of Loadmaster Capt. Ken Bekkenfold and Capt. Victor Barovkiy, Master of the SEAWAY SWAN together with the crew of the vessel.

After 2 hours de-ballasting the deck became dry and we were able to leave the vessel back to the shore and back home:


Herewith i would like to thank Capt Victor and his team for the hospitality whislt onboard the beautifull Heavy Transport Vessel (HTV) the vessel was handled by the local subagent lpsindonesia of VertomCory in Singapore.
Text & Photos: Piet Sinke (c)

The offloaded vessels were towed under the professional guidance of Towmaster Capt. Pontianus to the ASL Shipyard, were the AHT’s will be reactivated after been laid up for many years in West Africa .
Photo : Andre Korver (c)

Source: MARITIME PRESS CLIPPINGS 2024–029 www.maasmondmaritime.com

PS> A very familiar operation to me, having been involved with loading and off-loading of HLVs since the early start of such transports. (1975 - 2016)

Heavy lift carrier Uhl Faith in sunset light on the Elbe outside Cuxhaven 28.01.2024
Photo: Jan Czonstke

SEAWAY FALCON loaded the TELFORD 31 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and departed 27th. Jan with destination Sharjah, UAE.the loading was professional executed by Loadmaster Ivan Dyomin and Capt. Dmytro Teslya. Master of the SEAWAY FALCON

Photos: Loadmaster Ivan Dyomin (c)

The 2017-built Chinese flagged 159 mtr long Deck Caro Carrier DE BO 3 arrived in Singapore from Laem Chabang
Photo : Piet Sinke www.maasmondmaritime.com (c)

She has also been used as a launch platform for Long March-11 rocket:


Another rocket launched from a HLV:

The HLV Hunter Star (ex ZHI XIAN ZHI XING) with a different cargo on deck:

Photo: © Jose Ricardo Rodriguez Montero


The 2022 delivered BAO JIANG 777 with carrying capacity of 25163t DWT inbound for Rotterdam Beatrixhaven loaded with newbuilding hulls from China
Photo: Reinier van de Wetering – Skyphoto Maassluis ©

ZHEN HUA 26 passing Canvey Island on the 18th February, inbound for DP World London Gateway with two new cranes for a fourth berth which is currently under construction.
Photo: Martin Penwright (c)

On February 23 the Crane & Accommodation barge “TELFORD 31” was successfully discharged from the SEAWAY FALCON at Port Khalid Anchorage offshore Sharjah, UAE.The operation was done by Seaway 7 Loadmaster Capt. Ken Bekkevold assisted by SEAWAY FALCON Masters Capt. Dmytro Teslya, Capt. Vitaly Smirnov and the rest of the Seaway Falcon Team.
Text & Photo: Capt. Ken Bekkevold