Has anyone worked with a sex offender on a tugboat?

GEEZEEEE,It comes down to the meaning of the word “IS”…In todays world…WTF is a sex offender??

:joy::joy::joy: I’m sorry but that’s hysterical. :joy:. Just like prison but with a chance of drowning. If the guy is decent and doesn’t make it your business I wouldnt lose sleep over it, he starts displaying it on the boat then deal with it.

We had a female on an ATB who we knew was sleeping with 1 crew member, I go down to change a grease drum one night and find her with another crew member, the rest of the crew was worried for a while we might all be dragged into court over it someday.


The smartest thing I’d heard from a female aboard ship: Women should wear boxers. Solves many problems!!

The nude sun-bather on TAGOS though, with her fornicate-me-panties spread throughout the laundry room while drying, created another ruckus. . .

It takes all kinds. . .

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These days that could mean his girlfriend texted him a picture of her tits when they were both high school freshmen. Or not. No easy way to know.



Totally normal.


First, I used to be in a Motorcycle group that dealt with abused kids and have heard enough stories and most of them would turn your stomach! It’s a long story as to why I’m no longer a member but here’s the short version, they decided they anted to be more like a MC (Motorcycle Club) and that was not what I signed up for.

We had an AB Tankerman that was locked up for abusing the female child of his GF. There was a lot of talk about what “might happen to him” if and when he came back! Well, after being locked up and dragged threw the mud, it turned out that the GF had made it all up! He did come back to work but you could tell that he was never the same.

There are a lot of people that get that tag hung on them for something very minor. I’ve always felt that with something as important as who someone may be, they should give more information on what the crime was and how old the kids were. There are a bunch of kids that have a life long tag for dating a younger girl even when both sets of parents were well aware of what was going on. This is an example of someone that would be at a very low risk of ever offending again.

As for anyone that actually does something to children, there are a lot of studies that all lean towards the fact that there is NO curing them and if given the chance they will offend again!


I totally agree that the label “Sex Offender” alone is hard to call as to severity. The guy COULD have been a serial rapist that did hard time. Or he could be someone who had nude pics of his teen age girlfriend on his phone. You just can’t know from the label alone.

The significance of that, I think most would agree, is that that after being too far over the other way in the “old days” the pendulum on society’s tolerance for “sex offense” has swung just a bit too far the other way lately.

We had a case here in Oregon where a juvenile (17 yr old teen age boy) had pictures of HIMSELF nude on his phone (where else he might have sent them was unknown). He was arrested and charged because he was in possession of sexual material depicting an underage person…even though it was HIMSELF.

Because he was underage, he was arraigned as a juvenile and convicted. Because he was a juvenile, his record will be wiped when he turns 18 BUT, because the Sex Offender law allows juveniles 16 and up to be labelled as “sex offenders”, he WAS labelled and required to report his address (which is published) for the REST OF HIS LIFE!! Talk about “Catch 22 Law!!!” I’m sure attorneys will be working on his appeals, etc. for quite some time, but, to me, IMHO, THAT entire thing is a travesty of “justice for both victim and perpetrator” (since he was both!!).

I knew a 16 y.o. girl who was babysitting a 9 y.o. boy and a 13 y.o. girl. The babysitter’s boyfriend came to visit and brought a 16 y.o. male friend with him. While the babysitter and her boyfriend were making out in another room, unbeknownst to her, the 16 y.o. visitor had “consensual” sex with the 13 y.o. girl. Not her first time, but she was not legally old enough to consent. Again, the babysitter had no knowledge. Anyway, because she was responsible for the 13 y.o. at the time, the babysitter was sentenced to and served five years in state prison (I forget what the charge was.). On top of that, she has to register as a “sex offender” for the rest of her life.


I couldn’t agree more. I don’t even bother getting to know anyone anymore. Maybe I’m the whacko now

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A crew member was taken off a vessel, jailed & got 5 years for kissing his neighbor’s young daughter.
In Pattaya & Phuket you’ll see many men with young boys

Man, ain’t THAT the truth. The lifestyle seems to be conducive to the stranger folks. . . .

Or any number of southeast Asian countries. . . .

Not the only one. In my brush with Hollywood back in the day, there was a certain set decorator who would bring his “nephew” with him on location.

Yeah, I think we just know more about our shipmate’s proclivities because unlike shore-side we both work and live with them.


I remember when I was a cadet on a Lykes break bulker. This particular ship had the reputation among the unlicensed as being “gay friendly”, a fairly revolutionary thing back in the 70s. . . . We had a Neptune’s Court ceremony when crossing the equator. Now, at this point, I had made several trips to the southern hemisphere, but never received a shellback certificate, so was “obligated” to participate. King Neptune was one of the firemen/oilers that was among the gay crew members, and he seem to enjoy having his belly kissed just a little too much. . . . .

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The US military brass is okay with it if it supports the mission:

P.S. Do a search on the web and you’ll be stunned by the number of registered sex offenders living within a few miles of wherever you are. Who knows how many fail to register.

its the national sport in Cambodia

Knew a tankerman who -in fit of jealousy- chained his wife to a tree in his backyard. Left her there for 3 days.

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We have had more than one individual nailed for child pornography aboard ship. If you are going to do something that horrific, keep it off the SAMM server, please. Yes there were agents waiting for him on the pier