Has anyone worked with a sex offender on a tugboat?

I don’t want to disclose too much info, because I don’t want to cost the guy his job, or start any problems, but I recently found out a deckhand I work with is a sex offender. Are sex offenders on boats a normal thing?

Nobody I’ve worked with has ever been CONVICTED…


It’s crazy cause I would have never expected it. Hard worker, respectable, and gets along with everyone. I work for one of the larger companies, so I doubt it was overlooked

He may be registered, cured and repentant. If you think he may have slipped through a sloppy HR hiring process, check his records in the jurisdiction where he was convicted.

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I immediately went to google when I found out, possession of pornography involving juveniles. To me that could mean a few different things. I guess I forgot to say that finding out didn’t change how I view him, or make me think he doesn’t deserve his job, because he’s a really good guy.

On my very first ship the 4x8 Oiler who would callout the watch was out on bail for slitting his wife’s throat. Fortunately for him he didn’t kill her. He said it was some sort of misunderstanding and perhaps alcohol was involved. I thought it best not to press for details. When he knocked on my door in the mornings I never failed to get up.

I know this is not what you asked but for some reason that Oiler immediately came to mind.


That’s not relevant. If he passed muster with HR (open to interpretation), unless you have a stash of pornography featuring juveniles he might covet, I don’t see why you would have anything to worry about.

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Sorta getting back on topic…When I was 2nd on a ship to the Far East one of the AB’s was referred to as the Candy-man. He would go ashore with a bag of candy to give to young children. He was certifiably weird (make that creepy) and most of the crew thought he wasn’t doing it for altruistic reasons.

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I guess I have nothing to worry about then haha. Just wasn’t sure if it was a common thing for companies to hire SO’s.

And handing out candy to random kids is definitely sketchy lol

Not necessarily, troops are encouraged to do it and the only motive is to show they are friendly.

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Very true sir. I guess unless we are that guy we will never know his true intent

Please take care in what you say here. It could be that the charge was public urination; in some parts this can lead to a sex offender status because he exposed himself to do so. Without knowing what led to the designation, we can’t really cast judgment.

The charge was possession of pornography involving juveniles

Oof. Well that’s not good.

We had a few people get involved with that here, and even go so far as to put photos on the ship’s server.

They were fired.

There was a male engineer who raped the male QMED on a TECO bulker some years ago. Was talked about a lot when I worked there. Apparently the QMED agreed not to sue if the company bought him a new truck.

Where they ended up is anyone’s guess but… both sick and weird fucks if you ask me.


There is a lot of sick and weird in this line of work…


There was no doubt as to the foibles of a radio operator who I found sniffing underwear as I walked into the laundry space in the middle of the night. He gave me a sheepish grin. Luckily they weren’t mine.
I got my stuff out of the dryer and got the hell out of there without taking my eyes off him. They used to say all sparkies were weird and this guy certainly was.


Guess it takes all kinds of folks to make the world go round lol. Glad I haven’t had any weird stuff like that happen to me

I’ve seen or at least heard a couple cases of similar activity and it’s very disturbing. Female cadets I’ve had in the past almost seemed to camp in the laundry room to make sure their clothes were not left alone and I would shake my head at how fucked up that is.

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