Harvey questions

how many officers on the bridge does Harvey keep on watch? Also does Havey have a good system in place for schools to keep upgradeing and getting your DP cert? Do the training Captains have there own room and head? Are crew changes usually on time? Does anyone have any pics of the inside of there vessels? Do they keep a cook on the boat? Do they have email to email the wife every couple days?

Do training captains have their own room and head? Are you being serious?

yea!!!seems like a boat that big that everyone would have there own room but I was just asking. Good grief you cant come on here anymore and ask a few question without someone giving a remark that is so negative

Good questions! I think you’re on the right track in asking those questions. I’ve been wondering the same thing.

Bridge team is usually determined by client. Some want two at all times, others two with one float, some don’t care so expect one per watch.

Schools- I’m not sure how Harvey is

Except for the newest, largest vessels no on private room/head

Crew changes are at the whim of client

I’ve heard most of Harvey’s supply boats do not carry cooks at this time?

Not sure on email access there

Harvey pays for education as long as a promissory note is signed. It is basically a two year contract saying debt will be forgiven (paid) if you stay employed two years from date of signature. If you leave before two years the debt will be prorated like you have been paying on it, and the balance will come due at the time of separation. Email is accessible on all the vessels I believe. Not all of the boats have cooks. All of these questions you asked will be answered by Harvey if you just go by and talk to them.

Rigdvr answered everything else.

Good questions, are they still looking for people or did enough people jump ship from Chouest?

Me thinks they be “cherry picking”

I hear they will send the company limo if you are at ECO or HOS and want to make the jump. Haven’t confirmed that though lol. The $5-10k bonus is true though.

They only have 40 something boats that mostly came with crew…how many guys can they really steal? I think that’s why you haven’t seen the other majors too worried about Harvey’s day rates. What they can do though with a bonus like that is try to attract some top talent from other top companies that usually wouldn’t consider jumping.