Gulf Pogey Boats

I’m hearing a lot of talk about the Coast Guard tightening up on the requirement for pogey boats to have two licensed folks on the bridge and two in the engine room. This has been enforced already on the East coast and now it sounds like the Gulf fleet will have to follow suit. It’s amazing it hasn’t happened sooner…180 ft., 700 ton boats operating potentially 24 hours a day, four or five or six days a week, six months a year. El Supremo has a hard time staying awake that long! They have some really good guys running those boats without papers but when something goes “BUMP” in the night who does everybody look at:confused:

I was just wondering if anybody else had heard anything. This isn’t the most active site on the board I know, but you never know 'till you ask. Maybe Mr. Cavo has the skinny.