1 Down 23 To Go

It’s a couple a months away from being on the job but we are on our way.

Very nice!

Is Todd trying to give Gary a run for the #1 spot in Fourchon?

Congrats on the new boat.

We are on the up and up baby!!! I just want to stay on my Super 200, it will be like buying a new used car after they’re stretched, new to me!


I wouldn’t mind getting on a “Super 240” with that Halter design and a full DP 2 system, it should be a really nice boat.

They are going to be pretty awesome. Supposedly they are the best riding OSVs in the fleet. Heard the Coral and the othe HOS program boats roll terribly. I am very interested to see where they fit all the machinery .

The Coral is a Halter boat and she rides really nice. I was on her for a little over a year and she took the seas nicely. I hear the HOS designed boat ride pretty bad though.

You have heard correctly.

They all ride like shit no matter who designed them and where they are built. Every damn one of these things since time immemorial is a flat bottomed barge with a house and propulsion added after the fact. The difference in ride between any if the designs out here is marginal. Riding in 10 ft + seas on any OSV is gonna be a bumpy ride regardless of flume tanks, keel fins or whatever. The best ride in the world is my couch during football season but it doesn’t pay as good. If the new boats don’t ride that good I’m still gonna show up for work. Now feast your eyes on the HOS Red Rock you scallywags!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the truth. Thanks for the pictures. I’d love to see more if you have them. Those boats look nice. Did you get to go on the Red Dawn?


The HOS Renaissance is behind door #3!

Meanwhile, I’ll still be riding what equates to floating van in B Slip.


Not to mention, those that design and build them do not have to live and work on them.

What’s the logic in them not having V hulls

I’m sure in some way it cuts down on cargo carrying capacity.

While you discuss ship design check out the HOS Riverbend…

I do like the rubber fenders angling down the sides of the new HOS boats. Wish we could get Uncle Gary to do that.

[QUOTE=“workingirish;99491”]I do like the rubber fenders angling down the sides of the new HOS boats. Wish we could get Uncle Gary to do that.[/QUOTE]

Why doesn’t he? I always wondered why. Most Chouest boats that have fenders they looked home made by the crew! Is that the case?