Adriatic Marine

Any information about this company good, bad, otherwise would be appreciated. I know they are a young company therefore the information will be limited. I would like to openly thank Adriatic1 for the information that he provided to me. I have read all the forum post that had Adriatic in it. Thanks Much,Bamatug

there is a recent thread about these guys here

Thanks C.captain. Was hoping for some information from the inside. How are crews complemented. Do they have wifi, sat tv, etc. are all boats crewed with a cook or at least an ab/cook. I can cook but I’m pretty sure étouffée’ will get old quick with everyone.

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If has crawfish or shrimp I can cook it. Spaghetti with shrimp eggs with shrimp sandwich with shrimp etc etc

Done. When can you start?! :smiley:

These guys are on my list of places to check out as well. So in for info.

Does Adriatic have any vessels over 100 GRT? Looks a lot of their boats can be run with a 100 T license.

I just checked all their specs and all are 99 GRT or less. If I read the spec sheets right

[QUOTE=Bamatug;131316]I just checked all their specs and all are 99 GRT or less. If I read the spec sheets right[/QUOTE]

They are also building some larger

All their boats are less than 100 tons and it is years down the pipe for them to launch one over that. They are some of the nicer 100 ton boats to run though.

[QUOTE=rigdvr;131357]All their boats are less than 100 tons and it is years down the pipe for them to launch one over that. They are some of the nicer 100 ton boats to run though.[/QUOTE]

You are right, I think I read that it was 2015/16 for the bigger vessels
Are you with them?

No but I was at one point. Not a bad place to work. I’m sure they are having some growing pains but who isn’t right now.

I have heard that they are a pretty decent outfit to work for and the boats are as nice as a 100 Ton DP-1 boat can get. Being there owner is a part owner of Versabar they do quite a bit of work for them on decommissioning projects. I wouldn’t imagine they do a whole bunch of drilling work if that’s what your looking for experience in.

I have two sons working for them about 6 months each. What kind of info are you still looking for? I know the pay stinks, but it is a place that will hire you without experience. Also tough to get all your time off. My son’s are always coming back early.

Can anyone come up with some numbers on pay rate besides it sucks ?? up till now I havent heard much of anything bad about this company.

To answer OP…

No cooks. Minimal crew 4 on the 170 class, 4-5 on the 190’s. Two license in WH, all unlicensed deck and engine room. If you are housing people, which is often for those boats, there will be a third party cook. When the guests get off, so does the cook. Nothing like a 170’ boat with 22 construction workers on it lol.

Grocery allowance was above average per man.

Used to grab some real crap jobs but now that they have grown and implemented their own ISM and safety dept, I hear they are working some better gigs now.

As for pay, not sure. They had at least one small raise after I left, possibly two. I left there over two years ago so…

If you are a 100t captain, the boats are nice, new, and clean. Not a bad place to be. Yes on sat TV, some boats have Internet (only if job required and customer paid…like a housing job).

Office was small (2-3) people when I was there but has grown so that can only help as they were stretched thin. Chuck Foucheaux ran things when I was there. He was pretty straightforward with me which I appreciated.

Many of the boats were DP0, I believe most of the 190 series are DP 1(including the ACO 205’s), and I think they just launched a 190 that is DP2? Be aware that on the DP0 boats, you will not accrue any DP time. MT DP systems.

When I was there you could still fish which made it REAL nice standing by all day on housing jobs.

Any other questions?

Oh yea…benefits were good compared to other 100ton boat companies I worked for. Pay was every Friday which was nice.

As for bad…

CC were often a cluster fuck. Lots of good intentions left unfulfilled. The boats travel a lot of ports, never know where they will end up and scheduling arrivals was often messed up leaving the capt to straighten out the mess with a pissed company man. But nothing you won’t find elsewhere as well lol. All this stuff is what you make out of it…if you don’t like the way things are going, change the scenery. All boat companies are pretty much the same.


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