Gulf Logistics info

Hello ALL’ I was wondering if any one could give me a little info on Gulf Logistics? How do they treat their people, what kind of shape are their boats in. Any info would be of great help. Thanks

Company is only a few years old, so everything is relatively new. Never heard anything bad, and pay is above average. That is all I know.

Anchorman, Thanks for the info.

Is that Gulf Logistics or Gulf Offshore Logistics you are referring to?

Their office is in La Rose.
I worked for them for six months.
I liked working there, I just got a better offer.
No complaints, just the opposite.

That would be Gulf Logistics. Can you tell me if the boats are non smoking boats? How old are their crewboats and what size range.

Here is the link:

Gulf offshore logistics is a different company alright. I have seen their boats on the ICW and they fly different colors and stack symble. I saw the job add on the net too but they have no website. That tells me the bubba runnin the show is ol school. may apply to this job but will have to do it over the phone. the phone interview is where you either stop or pass go. that is also where you muster your experience and pass the phone test or not. that is if they will even talk to you without you bein there “in person” to apply. that is code for stay away yankees.
some jobs are not what they appear or there is coonass navy code and tests to pass unless they are in a real bind.
No website has coonass navy written all over it.
As for smokin rules. Depends on the size of the boat and the quality of the crew. Bigger the boat the more chance that there is a no smoking policy for most places. Ususally the back deck on a offshore boat. most offshore boats i been on if the captain was a smoker no place was off limits.

I was non smoker on 120x28 utility boat. Built for 4 crew men. Had a full crew of smokers plus 10 divers, tenders, oil men, and a company man that most of them smoked. There was smokin in the bunk next to you bunk mate, smokin anywhere besides near the rig.
1 air handler for the whole boat meant you woke up with a sore throat if you even slept at all from the pool haul atmoshpere.
That was for K&K offshore. Little smaller company but same coonass navy.

I gotta ask OICUR12, why would you want to waste your time with the “coonass navy”? Kinda seems as if you have something against the people down the bayou. One would assume that everybody from out of state would understand that local companies want to provide jobs for locals first. Nothing against the out of state guys, a lot of you come to Louisiana and make great captains, deckhands, etc…but as a Louisiana native working in the marine transportation industry, I do get tired of hearing out of state guys do nothing but talk trash about Louisiana and coonasses. I would think that it would be the opposite. If you are from out of state, unless they give you reason to dislike them, try to appreciate the fact that you have a high paying job that is provided for you by the “coonass navy”. And most companies will put you on a boat with non-smokers if you request that. Everybody on my boat smokes, but we smoke outside because we don’t like the smell inside or the disgusting residue it leaves on the walls. I have worked for both GOL and GL, they were both decent companies to work for. Medical benefits, 401k, paid hollidays, got paid on time, never had to fight to get a paycheck, sent supplies on time. A couple small issues from time to time, but not even worth mentioning. Even the best of companies can’t be 100% perfect all of the time. Just realize that the “coonass navy” a lot of you out of state guys complain about, are the ones who put food on your family’s table. Keep in mind that a guy with just a GED can’t make anywhere near the money that we make offshore in most other places. I like working with people from different parts of the country, but when they start talking about how ignorant coonasses are, or just general trash talking about Louisiana it really upsets me. As far as the GOL and GL pay rates, I believe that GOL pays slightly more. $10-25 a day more from what I’ve heard.