Guice Offshore?

Evening All,

Just wondering if anyone here has worked or is working for Guice Offshore as an Engineer?

Have seen that they are hiring and it’s an area of the industry that interests me, so wanted to see if anyone could offer some insight or answer a few questions.

Thanks in advance!

All their boats are less than 100 grt, therefore no licensed engineer required. No licensed engineer required, then engineer wages may not be that hot. I saw an ad of them looking for qmeds specifically, so maybe they are paying competitively for qmeds? Apply to find out.
I do know that they have mostly non-oilfield related work (space x, wind farm support), and its steady long term work which is a plus. They also have a benefits package with a 401k. Their fleet is fairly young and looks well maintained as well.

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Yeah, so that’s the funny thing. I looked on their website and saw the GRT for a couple of the boats and figured non-licensed so that’s why I started looking further. But then saw an advert they’d posted that was looking for licensed and unlicensed Engineers so made me wonder. And then saw the ad for QMEDs and like you figured they were looking to hire and pay QMED wages.
The company I’m with now have been good to me and so I’m going to give them more time before moving on, but that being said, I’m not going to stop looking for a better overall package in the meantime.
I actually thought the same thing about their fleet; relatively young and seem to be well maintained. Both of which would be a factor for me if I’m honest. I do wonder about room/bunk arrangements for Engineers and rotations.

Just sent you a PM

Well maintained, but not new. Everything they have is older then 10 years bought from other companies, mostly 3rd and 4th hand. Mostly DP1 mini supplies. They have been picking up deals when the smaller companies have been going out of business with how tough things have been.

If you have a QMED look at real supply boat companies, most are in the $300+ day rates these days and the boat that get QMEDS are your bigger better boats.

I’m currently working as Unlicensed Engineer and am in the $375 plus bracket with only QMED from the USCG.

It’s just something that interests me and wanted to see what the deal is before applying. Hate to be that guy who applies and then turns something down, wasting everyone’s time in the process.

Have thought about a couple of the larger OSV companies but ideally want to sail as Engineer so would want to get all that in hand first before making the move.

The wasting time thing goes both ways, and so does ‘at-will’ employment. Half the time when companies say they need people and are hiring, they don’t respond to phone calls/emails. Sometimes you fill out apps and they end up in the black hole of an HR dept never to be seen again. Some potential employers may string you along and never pull the trigger on hiring you. If you are genuinely interested and take the time to fill out an application, the least they can do is give you an interview or say no thanks. If you do get an offer, if you don’t like it you are under no obligation to say yes just because. Best time to look for a job is when you already have one.


I have a friend who is Master for GO, I have no idea of the pay structure but it is interesting work. No boring runs from Port Fourchon, last year he went to the west coast to pick up something for SpaceX. Right now he is in the Yucatan peninsula.

I agree with Ctony. The reasons OSV companies can’t find people is either their HR people fail to reply to the 100’s of resumes sent to them in the past few years or they have screwed so many Mariners 5-8 years ago, nobody wants to work for them.

What goes around, comes around. Also, how is stiffing their employees on a 401 K contribution or paid travel a selling point to todays potential employees???

THAT Chouest action of refusing to match 401k after the fact contributions turned many people off from the GOM. The history of that BS is well known. Many people think you cannot believe a word any that any of the GOM companies say, rightfully so.