QMED pay rates?

Hey everyone I’m seriously looking into going to Seattle Maritime’s Marine engineer program. Since it is a year long program and you can’t work an outside job I’m curious what kind of pay you can expect afterwards in order to get back out of debt.

Assuming you pass the USCG tests, you come out a QMED with ratings of oiler, Jr. Engineer, Reefer, Electrician, Pumpman, and RFPEW. What’s a likely pay rate after all this? thanks

I hear Crowley has recently added another DEU to the ATB crews. The base utility pay is about $280 @ day. With a AB or QMED, it’s around $310. The 2010 increase is coming up to around $320. There’s a few $s difference between the IBU and SIU contracts but based on 28/28 rotation, the annual income is the same counting ATO. You only need one QMED rating for the higher rate. There may be higher paying jobs but the benefits are about the best. Schools, insurance, transportation ect.

Good luck!

Thanks for the info, I know ATB but what is DEU & ATO?

DEU is deck/engine utility. Your seatime counts toward AB or QMED rating.

The IBU has accumulated time off ATO. One of the IBU members on here might be able to explain the particulars.

I did call IBU and they said they don’t hire any entry level people except cooks, they said give them a call once I get a rating, so that is what I shall do i think.

I wouldnt have to worry about the sea time, the USCG takes 90days off for the program and the other 90days(30days for the schools ship, 60days internship at the end) you get while in the program.