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Good afternoon everyone, I am about to be attending the seattle maritime academy to become qmed all ratings and I just wanted to know how much I would be looking at making once I graduate and have an endorsement of qmed all ratings??


Stop yourself right there and maybe go back and delete this post. I feel that a bunch of people are sharpening their pointing sticks and getting ready to stab you for asking such a question. I’m just trying to help you out so you don’t get stabbed. I’ll PM you some info about the school.

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Use the search function there are plenty more.

Pay depends entirely on the company you hire on with. In my experience it could be anywhere between $200 and $375 per day.

I don’t know what kind of program you’re enrolled in, but you might find that having ALL the QMED ratings is a little bit of overkill. The most common rating for someone to get is QMED-Oiler, and I found that was the only rating I needed to move up through the hawsepipe. For example, if a company doesn’t operate steam vessels they aren’t going to care if you have a QMED-fireman rating. And most steam operators probably won’t hire you unless you’re in a union.

Getting all the ratings would be a pretty neat accomplishment, but If you eventually decide to get a DDE or an Assistant Engineer license (after three years sea time as a QMED) the Coast Guard will automatically give you the endorsement of “Any Unlicensed Engine Rating” anyway.

Something to think about if you don’t want to take all nine QMED tests.

Good Luck!


[QUOTE=drod2214;103125]Good afternoon everyone, I am about to be attending the seattle maritime academy to become qmed all ratings and I just wanted to know how much I would be looking at making once I graduate and have an endorsement of qmed all ratings??


Are you going to SMA or GLMA???

Well I was planning on going to SMA thinking that GLMA and SMA were the same type of academy. But now after speaking with everyone and asking questions I will be attending GLMA in the fall I have already submitted my application , dd214, physical form, and three letters of recommendation … So I hope to here from them soon

Thanks very much man. I’m not concerned about the money part but I appreciate the other information you provided.

I’ve been in the HVAC-R for 9yrs and I want to become a merchant mariner. I’m starting from the bottom as Wiper then take the license exam for QMED-Electric/Refrigeration Engineer since I already have background in the field.

Is there any book or study guard you can recommend for me? I have applied for my TWIC & MMC as entry level and I’m hoping to pass the exam after my 180 days sea time. I want to get the books and learning materials now so that I can start preparing towards the exam right away. Have a great weekend and thanks in advance.

I used Mariner Advancement for test prep and was very happy with it, www.marineradvancement.com.

Reed’s Engineering is a good multi-volume series add you can buy just the volumes for the stuff you are interested in. It’s available on Amazon.

Principles of Naval Engineering was a go-to book for me but might be getting kind of dated. A free PDF copy of it came with the Mariner Advancement USB.

Good Luck!

If you can get your hands on some Navy rate training manuals, get those and read them. The Coast Guard derives many test questions from them. Especially Machinist’s Mate and Electrician’s Mate. There was a test prep company that used to put pdf copies of them on a thumb drive. I have found all kinds of stuff on Scribd.

Also look at Seasources.net.

Just FYI, for next time, it’s better to start your own thread than to bump an old one.

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Thanks man. I’m a newbie here. I just joined the forward a little over an hour ago. I will post a new thread and see what I could find. I will check the links and your recommendations out.

Thanks. I will look into that as well.

I used an app to upgrade to 3rd but i think it has qmed stuff on it, Sea Trials. I liked it a lot.

I took off getting all the endorsements… the pumpman got me one job but after that I got the JR Eng. endorsement which as I recall encompassed all the others anyway.
Seattle Central Community College has some sort of affiliation with mariners classes, I only recently found this out as a good guy i know is suppose to be teaching there or advising it. You might check out SCCC.

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They have approved classes, they offer them under the name Seattle Maritime Academy, but it’s part of SCCC.

Did their QMED program there 10yrs ago. Has served me extremely well. They’ve updated and change a lot since then. New building, new simulators, new labs, etc.