Any recommended school for taking a QMED? Thanks!

WWW.hawsepipe.net. is your best bet, the schools for the engine room are worthless.

First, there are multiple threads on gcaptain about QMED stuff, just search for QMED.

Second, there are two routes to get QMED endorsements:

  1. Sit for the exams (You will want to study for this and the link that slugwrench provided makes a good CD).

  2. Go to a USCG approved school.

There is a list on the USCG NMC website, look for approved courses and then search for QMED courses.


TRL in San Diego has a decent QMED-FOWT course that is one-month long, gives 90 days of sea-service credit and reduces the number of days for the assesments for RFPEW from 180 to just 60. Course cost about $2,800.


GLMA has a QMED-FOWT course. Offered just once a year (you just missed it, it’s only given in early Feb.) it lasts 11 days and it includes housing, Price is just $1,675 (this year).

Outside of those two courses, there are some other programs which will run about $4,000-$6,000 for the QMED-FOWT and they last 4-6 weeks.

SeaSchool in Mobile AL offers a QMED-Oiler-OSV (if you ONLY want to work offshore) course for just $995 for 8 days meals & dorm included.


Best of luck!

Seattle Maritime Academy gives you 90days credit for attending the USCG approved school, plus 30days on their training vessel and the last 60days & your RFPEW assessments is covered during your internship. You also come out with the ratings of oiler, junior engineer, refrigeration engineer, electrician, and pump man without needing to test further. Downside… it is a 9 month course, plus 2-3 months for your internship & costs around $6500-7000 for in-state residents. I’m currently attending and half way through my 2nd qtr if you have questions about it. I was also able to get my EPA Universal Refrigeration Technician card (required for refrigeration work) through the program as well my 24hr Hazwopr certification.

But with SMA you have to provide your own room & board and the tuition cost for out-of-state residents is about $18,000 bucks.

The SIU offers the UA program through the Paul Hall Center at Piney Point and you graduate with a QMED-FOWT/RFPEW as well as coming out with your Govt. Vessels certs (3 weeks of MSC courses) [I]plus[/I] Tankerman Assist [I]and[/I] Lifeboatman AND a B-BOOK in the SIU which is something SMA can [I]never[/I] give.

You can soon take the upgrading courses for Jr. Engineer, Reefer Eng. Electrician, Pumpman etc You also earn ACE college credits for almost every single course and room and board are free. In fact, the Paul Hall center has it’s own accredited AAS degrees for deck and engine ratings. They will even give you all the training and prep to get either a limited or unlimited deck or engine license, again free to SIU members.

Also, for somebody who is under 24, the Inland Boatman’s Union (IBU) runs a program at the Tongue Point Job Corps Center in Astoria, OR that is also free, with room, board, uniforms, basic healthcare and a stipend. You graduate with AB/QMED.

Always weigh your options and see what the best deal is.

I want a deep-sea career, so the SIU is the best route for me.

I know about the SIU school, but last time I checked (which was awhile ago) they weren’t even taking any applications to get into the program. I do agree with you though Satlysailor, weigh your options and see what is best. At SMA we can get lifeboatman too, just need 3months of seatime, in the 1st qtr we take an approved survival craft class.