QMED Course

Hello new here but been on the water awhile. So decided to get my qmed. Which do you recommend? Self study? Or Seaschool? I don’t want to waste $2300 on a prep course? When I can study in my own. Input appreciated.

You going for all ratings, or just oiler?

If you’ve been in the ER for a while and have been hands on I’d say self study. Get a thumbdrive from marineradvancement.com.

If you got the money and time to burn, do the course.

First off- QMED is a designation, not a rating. There are five rating endorsements within this designation; Fireman/Watertender, Oiler, Junior Engineer, Electrician/Refrigerating Engineer and Pumpman/Machinist.
(see 46 CFR 12.501)

Which rating endorsement are you pursuing? I highly recommend that you “crack the books” and study the required examination topics and sub-topics contained on Table 1 of 46 CFR 12.505(c) for the rating endorsement that you’re pursuing.

There are a few different ways to proceed- Self-Study (with books- not memorizing questions and answers) and test at an REC, Take a course that is approved for Course in lieu of exam… Remember that passing rating endorsement exams will also help you down the road if you want to upgrade further- that’s why I advocate book study as opposed to memorizing questions.

Lastly- the exam question banks have been “overhauled” and the chances of you stumbling on to questions which are currently published is very slim. Learn the content- then the test are easy… Best of Luck.

Just going for oiler. I no longer work on container ship’s, just work in the GOM. School is $2450 for 15 days. Leaning towards self study.

Then self study. Sounds like you have good background, shouldn’t be a problem for you.

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Two guys who work with me are self studying and will be testing for oiler in the next few weeks. They use thumb drives from marineadvancement and also never hesitate to ask questions. Considering that all they (and you too, of course) need is to get 70% on the test I am sure they will pass.
On the other hand some people do better when studying in formal class environment.