QMED Oiler Exams Q804 Q805

Hello, I will be taking my first QMED Oiler Exams next month (Q804 Q805 Q806). I am studying for the exams from home with no class room training. I have the ATT letter already. My questions are… how are the exams structured? I know there is a 70 passing score, is that a 70% of the 70 questions? Is there 70 questions per module or 70 questions per topic ie; Motor Propulsion, Steam Propulsion, General Topics, Electrical ect. I am a bit confused as to where I should be applying my study time towards. Any help (and or) advise would be great.

Thank you all

Been a long time since i have tested for oiler. Consult the deck and engineering exam guide.
Lapwareengine.org is a pretty decent shot at seeing what your exams will be like. What are you using for study material?

Hey, Ctony. Thanks for the reply. I have only found websites that offer a few mock exams/tests. Ill check out the link you provided. Have any insight on how the tests are structured? I know the exams are 70 questions. Is that 70 questions per subject? And will I be able to retake the questions I answered incorrectly? Thanks for the help

You can buy a thumbdrive from marineradvancement.com too. Its a one time cost and no internet required as opposed to lapware.

Sounds like you are scheduled to take three seperate modules, which sounds like things have changed since i tested for oiler way back when.
You cannot go wrong with either using lapware or mariner advancement. Their material is usually right on the money, or pretty close, to what you will see in the test room.
If you haven’t get, use google and consult the deck and engineering exam guide and that will tell you precisely how many modules and questions for whatever licensing or rating one is looking to test for. I just consulted it and from the looks of it all those three modules will have most likely questions pulled from all subjects with emphasis on oiler/fireman and watertender and some safety thrown in.