QMED Books & Study Materials

Hello All,
I’ll soon be shipped out as a WIPER with MSC to gain sea time so that I can take my QMED exams to become QMED Refrigeration Engineer. I want to take advantage of the 6 months on the sea to study hard so that I can take the exam and pass at once.

Is there any books or offline learning materials that anyone could recommend for me? I come from HVAC-R background & I learnt there are many other fields aside HVAC-R that I’d have to study for the QMED exam but I have no books on that.

As always, I appreciate every input and advise given me. May everyone have a wonderful week.


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Check out marineradvancement.com

You can buy a thumbdrive, no internet required. All you need is a windows computer.

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One of the best to take with you is the Navy publication Engineman 3rd and 2nd. Covers many subjects. Enjoy your new career!

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That reminds me to the OP, the thumbdrives from mariner advancement have all those navy pubs for reference as well.

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ikemens, Ctony’s advice regarding marineradvancement.com probably fits with what you are looking for. Keep us posted how you are doing!

Thank you all for your help. I have ordered the thumb drive from Mariner Advancement.