Greetings from Norway

Today, 17.May is Norwegian National Day, which is usually celebrate by speeches, parades and music by braze bands all over Norway and wherever in the world Norwegians live, incl, in USA.
This year the celebration is a bit different due to pandemic restrictions (2nd year) but that doesn’t stop people from finding other ways to celebrate.

Many places the street parades are replaced by boat parades and/or car parades.
Here in Ålesund it is obviously most natural with a boat parade through the narrow Brosundet, passing through the middle of town and proceeding into Borgundfjorden:

An Aalesund ship send greeting from Taiwan:

The crew of the Grand Canyon II send congratulations on the day. It is celebrated in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

View from one of the boats in the parade:

Passing by our house:

Front of the parade with the Storeggen Af Aalesund and SAR Idar Ulstein leading.

Shetland Bus Heland was in the parade:

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Happy Norwegian National Day to you. Before the Norwegian state shut down their support, if I happened to be home I would sometimes attend the festivities at the Norwegian Seamans Church in New Orleans, since I lived in the neighborhood. There was always some good music and food.

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In Lofoten the Boat Parade got joined by some unexpected guests:

How did they know it was National day??:


A bit more details about the Shetland bus Heland by locals from Vigra, where her Skipper Severin Roald and his crew came from:

In Nynorsk but Google Translation is reasonably understandable.

PS> I sailed with one of the crewmembers in 1964-65. He had made several trips to Shetland during the war, both with Heland and other boats…

M/K Heland returning to base, 19.May, 2021:

The popular tourist road Trollstigen was opened for traffic this last Friday:

Yesterday, Saturday, several thousand Norwegians took the trip from Valldal to Åndalsnes, or v.v.

The road was bare, so no winter tired required for the trip

Some even came on two wheels, with newly polished chrome on display:

Showing the height of the snow banks along the road:

Some took a trip on skis to get away from the maddening crowd:

PS> In Norway “maddening crowd” means; you can see or hear somebody else.

Latest update from Trollstigen:
A rockfall hit a car driving FV63 in Trollstigen on Sunday afternoon.
The exact location of the rockfall is Kjellstadsvingen, which is located at the bottom of Kjellstadlia. The area is exposed to rockfall.
Sunday afternoon at just before 4.30 pm a large rock hit a car in the bend before the bridge on the stretch. The stone went right through the hood of the BMW.

  • It was a really scary experience, says a witness who came right after the incident.
  • I came cycling uphill and heard the stone hit the car. I chose to turn around, he says.

    Trollstigen was opened last Friday after the winter closure. In the great weather this weekend, there has been a lot of traffic on FV63 in Trollstigen, and many have driven to the top to go skiing.

Written by Evy Kavli, Åndalsnes Avis

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Some mountain crossing is kept open year around.
This is from the road across Strynefjellet, from Nordfjord in the west to Gudbrandsdalen in the east:

As a bonus we see NAF Ålesund’s two vintage cars on Strynefjellet last year during a meeting in the Northwest, a spectacular sight with high snow banks and a young snowboarder framing the motif. PHOTO: NAF (Norwegian Automobile Association) ÅLESUND.

Picture probably taken near Stryn Sommerski Centre:

Not everybody like to have oil and gas activity in their back yard and let the world know so:

The northernmost Chinatown in the world is found in Kirkenes (aka Singapore of the North):

From this article about the Pasvik Valley and River, forming the border between Norway - Russia and Finland - Russia, as seen though the eyes and lenses of two French nationals;

Since this one is behind a paywall, here is a copy:

Video showing how it is done:

Sorry, no Google Translation available.


A picture from my home town, Ålesund in 1953:

The large vessel is M/V Cometa loading Salted Cod (Clip fish/Bacalao) for South America from wooden barges alongside.

The smaller vessel belong to Bergen Line (BDS) Name is unknown.(Checking)
Possibly this one:

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One more old picture from Ålesund and the way Clipfish (Bacalao) was produced:

Drying of clipfish in Ålesund in 1920. Picture from the National Library. Fields were cleared and stone used for rock fences and in some places clipfish piers.

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I started this thread back in Dec. 2020 when the days were short and the nights long.
Now things are very different, with long days and no real night here at 62.5 N.
Tomorrow the sun gets up at 03:38hrs. and sets at 23:35 hrs.

This from Loen, a bit south of here, last night:

The Royal Yacht Norge at anchor in Loen Bay, Nordfjord with the King and Queen onboard.

They are visiting several places in NW Norway this week:


Contrast. Midday in Lofoten in winter:

PS> The text says: Beautiful lake in Lofoten, Norway