Seasons Greetings 2017-18

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Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Satisfying New Year.

And to you. I’ve been watching out the front window of the Bergen to Oslo train, very pretty. The stream stopped when the train was at the Gol station, and started up again with some completely different train.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

BAH!..what’s the point of being happy?

count on the same shitty industry next year, the year after and on ad infinitum…it’s never gonna ever be great (or even middling) again

btw, never have heard anyone wishing a “satisfying” New Year…kind of like wishing your new year be free from fungus

in any event, may all my brothers and sisters here have a middling holiday and be itch free all next year


Yeah, I’ve always thought wishing for “merry” was shooting to high at sea. If you’re at sea hope you get a night in and get a chance to sit down to a nice meal, or if not, hope the steward remembers to put a plate aside for you.

To My Brother and Sister Seafarers, wherever you may be my most sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

So why not change course to find better weather?

mate, let’s make for a third world village somewhere at least sunny, cheap and where they love Americans (especially the ladies;-)

They all love the ladies. Just as long as you behave like a Gentleman they may love you too.
(#mee too)

what is it with very old men falling asleep at 6 and waking up at 3 anyway?

go back to bed…it’s too damned early and the sun won’t be up for another 6hours!

“…the senoritas don’t care-o when there’s no dinero, I’ve got no money to stay…”

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The internet has pretty much eliminated all the “secret” places for an average expat to retire and “be rich”. Is there no place left where a third-world village chief will marry off his beautiful daughter to an average American sailor?!!???!

I don’t know but three things, in combination always made me merry at sea: fine weather, one good meal and no unexpected “emergencies” from the gear, crew or shore.


When i was sailing there were two types of crews, One wanted to decorate and enjoy the holiday as much as possible. The Second type did not want any type of decorations at all. I was kind of split on it and just went with the flow.

Some crws were great to be around but others made it miserable on everyone.

So, To all that are sailing, I wish you a Merry and Safe Christmas. To those at home (as I am) please take some time to think of those not lucky enough to be home and Enjoy a Merry Christmas with your love ones.

I won’t be home for Christmas this year But it could be worse. We have s nice prime rib to cook and a weather delay keeping us at anchor. Merry Christmas to all and be safe.


I presume you are referring to the Slow TV program “Bergensbanen, minutt for minutt”?
If anybody gets bored of the normal fare on TV during the holiday, here is the full 7 hrs. 15 min. of it for your enjoyment:

Or maybe something a bit more maritim for old sailors missing the sea? Take a trip on Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkenes from the comfort of your rocking chair:

If the full 5-1/2 day is too much for you, here it is condensed down to 37 min.:

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Remember time zones??

and when you put up that post is was damned early in Alesund…something like 0200. I doubt you stayed up late so am saying you woke early after falling asleep in your chair at 6pm the night

Actually 2 AM and just before bedtime.
BTW; I’m now in Oslo, where it looks like this: