Greetings from Norway

Storm tourism at Kråkenes lighthouse, Vågsøy:

Kråkenes lighthouse is to be one of the most weather-exposed lighthouses in the country. Here you can experience real storms, while you are safe indoors.

You can stay overnight in the lighthouse itself or in the assistant house.
On the mound behind the lighthouse there is the best view, so I would live in the assistant house. And if you are going to spend the night in the lighthouse in a full storm, remember earplugs. It makes a lot of noise. We have so much hectic weather in this country, storm tourism should have been much more sold to foreign and Norwegian tourists as a great experience, says Garfors.(Google translation)
More info:


The picture is enough for me. I’ll take a pass on the experience and won’t include it in my bucket list of things I want to do.

OK no storm for you.
What about a trip on the new ships of Havila Kystruten when things get back to normal?:
Here is an image of one of the 4 ships in what is seen as Norway’s Best Fjord by many:

Hjørundfjorden: This is the view that tourists should see. Here from Hjørundfjorden, with Mt. Slogen in the background. PHOTO: HAVILA (ILLUSTRATION IMAGE)

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For those interested;
Came across some amazing images from Norway on this Facebook page:

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The moon is full tonight:

And the sun is setting:

Today at 2200 hrs.

What a beautiful ship on the left

Yes the old Lofoten.
After 56 years up and down the Norwegian coast in the Coastal Express she has been sitting here in Ålesund for several months, waiting for her new owners to take her to a shipyard for conversion to a school ship.
Here she is a few years ago, when still in Hurtigruten:

Filmed by a real MS Lofoten enthusiast, Tommi Rotonen from Sweden, a friend from Captains Voyage forum.


That looked like a nice restaurant.

Yes, with real wood panelling, not fake.

Some here may enjoy a trip below?:


Sounds like a rock concert. :slight_smile:

That’s why hearing protection is a must.

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I was noticing the same. No hearing protection in a noisy engine room like that???
No wonder most Marine Engineers are hard of hearing.

Ovation of the Seas in Milford Sound, New Zealand. When it’s not raining it’s about to. Sometimes the sun pokes through. In winter snow makes it more picturesque but sea conditions outside the Fiords would not be appreciated by the punters on the cruise ships.

Paid over 4 million - The National Museum is the secret buyer of record painting
The National Museum has secured the unique Hans Gude painting «Fjord landscape from Balestrand». They paid 4.1 million kroner for the picture, which is a new record.

“Fjord landscape in Balestrand” by Hans Fredrik Gude.
NEW RECORD: This painting by Hans Gude shows mountains and landscapes in Balestrand in Sogn. Now everyone can see the painting at the National Museum.


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Ålesund by night:

And by day:

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Today, 08.May 2021, it is 76 years since the end of WWII in Europe.
Not many of those who were active in the resistance at home, in the Norwegian forces stationed in the UK, or the many Norwegians that served on merchant ships all over the world, but they are being remembered today.

The normal celebrations are somewhat subdued this year (and last) due to the pandemic, but flags are flying for all public buildings and most private houses.
At 1200 hrs. a 21 gun salute was sounding in most towns all around Norway.

One of the “branches” of the Norwegian forces that is remembers today is “Shetlandsgjengen”. (The Shetland Bus):
They operated from bases in Shetland, using small Norwegian fishing boats to bring supplies and saboteurs from the Special Forces into Norway and resistance fighter that had been compromised and had to escape Gestapo back to Shetland:
Those who served there were enrolled in the Norwegian Navy, but did not wear their uniforms while on operations. as they were trying to blend in with other Norwegian fishing vessel, going about their normal business:

Here is a clip from a film about them that was made in 1954:

The entire movie (1hr 28 min.) is also available on Youtube:

PS> Some of the actual “Shetlandsgjengen” are acting as themselves in the movie. (Incl. Shetlands Larsen, the leader)

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My Norwegian father (R.I.P.) was in a freighter at sea when Norway fell. The Master decided to take the ship home in order to see to his family’s needs. They were taken into custody upon arrival. The crew was then forced to labor for the Germans, transporting goods between Germany and Norge.
They sabotaged whatever they could that wasn’t immediately apparent. After the war, my dad continued to ship, and obtained his Norwegian Master license at age twenty-nine.

One of the fishing boats that was used as Shetland Bus is still in existence.
She now belong to Sunnmøre Museum here in Ålesund,

She is being maintained by volunteers. Usually making a trip to Shetland every year, but that has been suspended this last two years.

Joacim Rønneberg, one of the Heroes of Telemark, the leader of Operstion Gunnerside that sabotaged the heavy water factory in Rukan died in Oct. 2018, 99 years old:

A statue in his honour was erected here in his hometown of Ålesund. It has become the centre point of celebration 08.May.

This year the statue was even equipped with a mask to fend off any risk of Covid-19 infection:

The tourist ferry on the Geirangerfjord starts up on Wednesday 12 May with four daily round trips between Geiranger and Hellesylt

Photo motif: The car ferry “Veøy” is approaching the waterfall “The Seven Sisters”, and the tourists are setting up a camera. ( ARCHIVE IMAGE ) PHOTO: TERJE ENGÅS
Take a virtual trip on MF Veøy: