Seasons Greetings 2022-23

Hip, Hip Hurrah, the sun has turns today.
The nights gets shorters and the days gets longer again:

Sunrise in Aalesund today, 21.Dec. 2022 was at 10:04 hrs.:

The sun set at 15:02 hrs. on this shortest day of the year.


From Aalesund:


From the Great State of…?:

Think positively:

Love this state!


Merry Christmas to all


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


To the others, like myself, spending this Christmas at sea or in a foreign port, Merry Christmas.

May our cooks be crackerjacks!


Merry Christmas from a 29 C Sydney, Australia

Good morning and Merry Christmas! :santa::coffee::christmas_tree::gift::ribbon: from NYC!

Last night I went to a Christmas party. I had a few beers, followed by a few more beers, followed by several shots of Tequila. That’s when I decided to do what I have never done before: I took a bus home. Sure enough, there was a DUI checkpoint on the way home, and since it was a bus, they waived it past. I arrived home safely without incident. This was both a great relief and a surprise because I had never driven a bus before. I don’t even know where I got it from, and now that it’s in front of my house, I don’t know what to do.
Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year


My last Christmas was Day 12 in foreign solitary confinement during a 15 day quarantine. The hotel room was 12’x10’ with a small hallway, no alchohol, we were only allowed out twice a day for 45 minute walks in a big circle & the honeymoon with the company providing the meals was over 10 days previous. My family & Godchildren whom I’m spending Christmas vacation with this year have no clue how special Christmas is this year for me. I guess cherishing Holidays for people who miss so many due to work isn’t exclusive to me? I hope the mariners working Christmas this year get the next one off. I know most will appreciate it more than those who get every year. Always enjoy them when you can.



Haagar also have some wise things to say this New Year’s Eve:

Happy New Year folks! If you’re in a place to enjoy a few Coronas & a dance here’s a song for ya.

Happy Lunar New Year 2023 to all forum member.
May the Year of the Rabbit be a good one, no matter where you may be.

Today is the Sami National Day which is celebrated in all the Sami communities in Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.
Happy Sami National day!!! Lihkuos sämij ålmagenbiejvieb!!!


It is the time of the year when Norwegians that is fed up with shoveling snow go to the mountains to look for peace and quite, combined with SUN & SNOW:

Of course they have to dig out their cabin before they can enjoy the skiing:

Personally I prefer to stay on bare ground and look at snowy mountains from a distance:

Preferably from home:

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Ramadan is just over and Eid al-Fitr has been celebrated by Muslims around the world:

Even here in Norway it is now a commonly known event and celebrated by Muslims all over the country: