Greetings from Norway

We are approaching the shortest day of the year on the Northern Hemisphere.
Here at 62.5 Degr. N. Lat. we cannot claim to have Polar Nights, but it gets depressingly dark, especially on cloudy/rainy days.

Today it has been fairly good with clear and dry weather, but sunrise was at 09:52 hrs. and sunset at 15:04 hrs. so it doesn’t leave much time to get a suntan.

Here is a picture my wife took at mid-day with the sun just barely climbing above the mountain as seen from our balcony :

She took another picture from a different location at 1520 hrs::

And back on the balcony at 1600 hrs.:

No snow yet, or in the forecast for X-mas.
The temp. hover around 5-6C for the next week or so, but can get up to 10-15C with føhn effect.


Winter light, what little we have, is very special here on the NW coast of Norway:


A Norwegian comedian (yes they DO exist) has sent a “Gift to America” on NRK TV.
Since that channel probably doesn’t have extensive viewing in the US I thought it should be posted here for an appreciative audience with a sense of humour:

We are approaching winter solstice and mid-winter blot.
On the northern hemisphere the days are short and the nights long, especially here close to the Artic Circle. (North of the Artic Circle there are no days):

But today we have a warm spell in Ålesund. Present weather (at 1330 hrs.); cloudy, light SE’ly breeze:and14C

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If there ever was a Santa lookalike contest for Captains, we sure know who we would nominate! Jan Ove Fredheim is one of Odfjell most experienced Captains, with 44 years as a sailor under his belt, 30 of these with Odfjell. These days, he is preparing for the holidays together with his crew on board BOW FLORA.

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Then the sun has turned and is heading north again.
I don’t know if you noticed, but today was 1 min. longer than yesterday (From sunup to sunset)

The snow came on Christmas Eve here in Ålesund:
OK this is illustration photo, but it actually started to snow early this evening.

Fortunately it is likely to melt again by Boxer Day.



God jul! :blush:

Same in daylight:



Perfect Christmas snow this year.
Started to snow on Christmas Eve and gone again on Boxing Day.
Today we are back at +8-9C and light breeze here on the coast, with the snow limit back at 800-1000 m. asl.:

But warning of strong gusts inland and in the mountains tonight:

Note: 35 m/s = 70 Kts.

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This looks dramatic:

Situation is still ongoing with 15 people still unaccounted for.
Houses has been taken by the landslide, which is assumed to be caused by heavy rain during the last few days and weeks as well as Quick Clay in the ground.
Several Seaking SAR Helicopter are searching in the gully with heat seeking cameras. They are also lowering rescuers down close to the pieces of houses that is visible in the debris.
At the moment there are abt. 1500 rescuers in activity and evacuation centres have been established. Geologists are on the scene, giving advise on the risk of additional slides.

PS> Continuous reporting on several TV channels, but all in Norwegian. Main TV NRK:


The number of unaccounted for have dropped to 11 as more report to the evacuation centre.

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If you have an hour to spear, come for a trip with Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkenes in the late summer:

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Final number unaccounted for is 10 persons, incl. children.
The injured are mostly out of hospital after treatment for minor injuries.
A dog was found alive in the wreckage of one house. Rescued by helicopter.
Otherwise no sign of life seen in the debris.

One person found dead, but not yet officially identified.
Names and age of the 10 missing has been released:

Search is ongoing, now also on foot and with dogs in the affected area,

Very tragic. Hopefully they can be found alive, they could be in an air pocket.

I wonder if they had already detected from geological information that this kind of event could happen, when these kind of things happen there are usually warning signs like cracks appearing in the ground, but sometimes they can happen totally spontaneously with no warning.

Usually it’s because the homes were built on ground that is not solid.

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