Greetings from Norway

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my mom came from sweden/finland but i covered as much of Norway as possible and believe I like it better, went to Norsk Hydro (from the ww2 book), Bergen, Oslo, and rode the ferry back to Netherlands.
I doubt I can afford to do it again, i was on a 2 week leave from the army in Iraq.
I spent a lot of time in the Aleutians … like they say about Alaska…" once you cross the pease, or peace"? (River) “There’s no going back” … I do so like the Northern Climes, must be the magnet at the Pole?

It has been an unusual winter here on the NW Coast of Norway. We are now entering the second week of cold (-2 to -6C) and clear weather, with snow staying on the ground since mid January, even on the coast.

The weather is not expected to turn before NEXT weekend.

An unusually long period of good weather in the winter for this part of Norway.

In other parts of Norway it has been cold enough for ice to form, even on salt water. The inner part of Oslofjord is ice covered, attracting people to try their skates. Last weekend 10 people went through the ice, so this weekend the Rescue Service has got their Hovercraft rescue vessel in place:

PS> Nobody died, or got hurt from their dipp in the cold water last weekend.

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It’s not the same as going back to visit but if you have Amazon Prime you can watch this movie below for free & save a bundle. We watched it last night & enjoyed it. Lots of beautiful scenes of the Norwegian country side. My wife now says she wants to visit Norway. I took a lot if pictures when I was there, showed her when I got home but I guess my cheap phone & poor photography skills didn’t do it justice.

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Real pictures without any actors spoiling the view:


Evening sun over Ålesund.

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Any stamp collectors on the forum?
Here is the most beautiful stamp issued in 2020

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Lovely. A great artist.

On what used to be a small farm high in the hills above the fjord in Eidsdal, Sunnmøre a newly developed project is getting ready to receive guests:

For the time being they are aiming at Norwegians that like hiking in the surrounding mountains, but once the pandemic is beaten foreigners are welcome.

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Take your next holiday on Svalbard, but heed the road signs

The phenomena of Norwegian “Slow TV” has been mentioned here on the forum before. With the risk of being told that; “this could NEVER catch on in the US, so why do you bore us with this again?” I take the risk of posting this CBS program:

Why do Norwegian like this type of programs so much?
Maybe because they like to take it easy and relax:

The facts that they don’t have to worry too much about loosing their job, or get sick,: may help, (??)

It is spring in Ålesund:

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Any Surfers here??.
It is high season for surfing in Lofoten now. The daylight hours are getting longer, the Northern Lights are spectacular and the surf is up:

Any takers??

There is a popular surfing spot close to Ålesund where our oldest son like to go when he visits, Alnes:

He was there this X-mas and New Year:

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It is weekend and the cod is in. Lots of hobby fishermen is trying their luck:

This fishery has a VERY long history, but these days it is also a tourist attraction:

One of the boats that offer fishing trips in the harbour is a replica of fishing boat from the 1800s:

From a trip in 2018:

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A painting from Balestrand in Sogn, 1848:

Same place now:


Love the music. Heavy dose of mellotron!

The mountains have weathered. This is an absolute beauty of a painting. Too bad about the soviet building ruining a lovely view.

This unknown painting by Hans Frederick Gude was found recently: It is now on the blocks for sale:

It’s been assessed at between NOK 1 million-NOK 1.5 million (USD 118,360-177,540), but may attract lively bidding.

Here is a similar painting by another artist. This on from 1868 and shows the mountain Romsdalshorn:

This one was well known and sold last year for NOK 637.500.

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This is NOT a painting but a farm house still in use:

Worth protecting :Mølltunet in Geiranger, seen from the fjord. ( ARCHIVE IMAGE ) PHOTO: EIVIND LOUIS HELSET / NYSS

Mølltunet is situated along Ørnevegen (the Eagle Road) in Geiranger
(in the middle of this picture):

Different view (This from 1965):

Who could believe that anybody could live here?

PS> Just received a grant to pay for fire protection


Wish you a HAPPY EASTER!!! from a gray and wet North West Norway.

While this is the weather and scenery that MOST Norwegian dream about:

PS> In the South and East of Norway it is the first day with summer weather, Temperature around 20C expected on the coast around the Oslo fjord has been forecast this PM.


Easter eggs painted according to Corona rules:

Home Easter with the bar full: