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Yes, isn’t it fantastic that the Norwegian Royal Yacht, Royal Owner and royal crew spent a night at Ålesund. Breaking News. But how was the weather? Did it rain in the morning, at noon or in the evening? Or all day? Why didn’t it rain at all? I thought people went to Ålesund to watch the rain.

No. They go to Bergen for that.

Please, it rains as much in Bergen as in Ålesund.

Obviously not everybody think so since they go to Bergen.

Watch Slinningsbålet live on Saturday 26 June:

On Saturday, people all over the world will have the opportunity to see Slinningsbålet burning.


Sunnmørsposten now shares its live broadcast from Slinningsbålet with Visit Norway, which further shares the live broadcast on its Facebook page with its 1.3 million followers from around the world. The largest proportion of followers are in the USA, Germany, Italy and Norway.

  • The slinningsbål is the result of impressive teamwork, creativity and courage. This is great to be able to show, even outside the country’s borders, says editor-in-chief of Sunnmørsposten, Hanna Relling Berg.

  • Those who are behind the work and continue the bonfire tradition in Ålesund deserve credit for the effort. It is therefore positive that Visit Norway has chosen to post a link to our live broadcast on the Facebook pages of its foreign offices.

Relling Berg adds that everyone can link to the live broadcast. It is open and accessible to everyone.

TUNE IN tomorrow Saturday June 26 at 20:00 Norway/2pm EST

PS> Starts with fireworks at 2000 hrs.:
Actually lighting of the fire is at 2100 hrs. It will take some time after that before it is at it’s most spectacular. (1 hr. or more)

Slinningsbålet 2021 is finally completed at 09:30, having worked for 18 straight hours 🔥
The official live broadcast starts at 20:00 local time:

We remind everyone that it won’t be possible to attend the fire at Slinningen, as it will be closed to the public. Come by boat or watch the live broadcast.

This years bonfire stands at incredible 38m.

Slinningsbålet lenge leve !!!

Yes it is the worlds and thus Norway’s largest annual bonfire and it is fantastic! The King and Queen of Norway will watch it from the Royal Yacht. Imagine that!

No it is the other way around.
Isn’t it fantastic!!!

Here’s the free YouTube link to the bonfire stream. The FB page tries to suck you into a $50/month trial membership boo hiss.

Thanks for that link, which is still available.
A bit like NRK’s Slow TV. The good thing is that there are no commercial breaks every 10 min. and no commentator to tell you what you have already seen.
The first excitement comes at 2:00 hrs. when this gang climb up to lite the top barrel:

The fireworks starts at 2:28:40 hrs:

Very professional show, conducted by professionals.
I noticed some complained that they should have waited with that until it got dark. (In that case they would have to wait until August)
Then it was a “slow burn” while the fire took hold and until the moment everybody was waiting for; “the big collapse”.
That didn’t come before >3:55 hrs. and was not as spectacular as last year:

The weather cleared up during the evening, although it was quite cold (13-14C), so we pull inside the nearby house belonging to family fairly early.
The sunset was quite spectacular, however:

The night was still quite bright when we went home at 0100 hrs.:

But clouds were rolling in.

Here is the gang that help build Slinningsbålet this year:
Nobody over 20 may apply.


Autumn and sunset at Kråkenes Lighthouse:

The “Cotton” is ready for picking.

Norway seems like a great country compared to the USA.

I just watched the news report linked below, regular things like that make the USA seem like a dangerous third world country.

A Norwegian athlete broke 29 year old Wold Record:

He is from Ulsteinvik, no less.

This US-flag sailboat is visiting Ålesund today. She arrived from Molde at midday :

Their blog:

Back from a “holiday break” on the Norwegian Rivera (Sørlandet) where we visited our youngest son and his fiancé, staying in a cottage belonging to her family:

Nice secluded place in Homborsund, near Grimstad, No Internet at the cottage though, so very relaxing and stress free.(I recommend it)

Near the beach, with a view to the inside shipping lane along the southern coast of Norway.
Not much commercial traffic at this time of the year, but plenty of pleasure crafts of all types, sizes and shapes.
In fact I saw only one small trawler:

and BB’s tug Belos, heading from Kristiansand towards Brevik at a leisurely speed (sight seeing?):

On the way there we visited my Chief Engineer of 50 years ago: He collect and refurbish old boat motors, He has abt. 60 of different brands and sizes, abt. 35 of which he exhibits for those who are interested, all neatly labeled w/basic info (not two are the same)::


NRK is at it again with a new Slow TV adventure. This time a full 6 weeks worth on board the bark Statsråd Lemkulhe on a trip along the Norwegian coast from North Cape to Arendal:
Havøysund 6.-7. juli

Øksfjord 8. juli

Hansnes 9. juli

Senjahopen 10. juli

Andenes 13. juli

Myre 14. juli

Melbu 15. juli

Stamsund 16. juli

Værøy 17. juli

Kjerringøy 18. juli

Selsøyvik 20. juli

Til havs (vest for Brønnøysund) 21. juli

Bessaker 22. juli

Kyrksæterøra 23. juli

Langøy 24. juli

Brattvåg 25. juli

Selje 27. juli

Askvoll 28. juli

Til havs (vest for Fedje) 29. juli

Lerwick (Shetland) 30. juli

Til havs (vest for Bergen) 31. juli

Strusshamn 1. aug. (ny)

Rubbestadneset 3. aug.

Kopervik 4. aug.

Lysebotn 5. aug. (ny)

Sirevåg 6. aug. (ny)

Båly 7. aug.

Bredalsholmen 8. aug.

Helgeroa 10. aug.

Holmestrand 11. aug.

Vollen 12. aug.

Skjærhalden 13. aug.

Stavern 14. aug.

Bratteklev 15. aug.

29 norske havner og én på Shetland får besøk når NRK i sommer legger ut på seilas med Norges største seilskip.


“Statsråd Lemkuhl” with nearly all (15) sails sat in light airs when crossing Vestfjorden:

Not bad looking for her age (107 years old)


She crossed the Arctic Circle southbound a little while ago.
Heading for Bessaker. ETA 2100 hrs. tonight.

Today it is 10 years since the bombing of the Government quarters in Oslo and massacre at Utøya killed 77 people, mostly teenagers. May they rest in peace.
It is being marked with various ceremonies at the sites and across the country:

The sad think is that there are still people who harbour similar idea and look at the perpetrator as a hero and role model, both here in Norway and around the world.

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But live must go on.

Here is a happy story from today:

(Google Translated)

Anybody who have spent time waiting on ferries would appreciate this initiative.

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