Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen requires pure fresh water which would be difficult in dry areas. Seawater contains too many organics and dissolved salts to be practical.

That is why green hydrogen is/will be made where there are plenty of clean fresh water and plenty of renewable energy for the electrolysis and liquification process.
It can then be transported to places where such conditions does not exists, or anywhere else where it is needed.

The problem is that hydrogen need minus 253C to stay liquid in it’s pure form.
This new method of transportation MAY solve that problem, though:

To first mix hydrogen with a carrier fluid, then extract the hydrogen again sounds expensive. (??)
What happen with the carrier fluid, is it used for something else, destructed, or returned to source for reuse?

Shipping liquid hydrogen is not easy:

Having “teething problems” are now new, but to have flames appearing where there should be none is a major incident, especially when the cargo is liquid hydrogen.

Hopefully the method for shipping hydrogen in regular oil tankers at ambient temperatures will prove to be both safe and economically feasible.


Photo: Ed de Graaf ©

There is no such thing as a big enough surplus of electricity to waste it turning water into hydrogen.

That depends on what you regard as “waste”??
Others may have different opinions on this and other things then you.
That doesn’t mean they are stupid, it may mean that they are better informed.

The Carnot engine:

Ships drivers should stick to driving ships.

Don’t know what you are on about ???
But you may have a point that changing what you drive is not a good idea:

Now arrived in R’dam:

Hydrogen in powder form, just add water:

Looks like a bunch of non-technical people in the pics bragging about impractical tech that is impossible to use. The oncoming global recession should finally squash these stupid ideas.

Your view of someone looking “technical”??:

nope. not at all. That’s a mechanic, not an engineer…and by engineer I mean somebody that is educated and apprenticed in the art of understanding the laws of nature in order to produce designs of equipment. The word has various meanings that require clarification on actual skillset.

You mean like the Engineers that develop hydrogen fuel cells and incorporate them into propulsion system for marine application?:

I agree, they probably don’t have grease up to their elbows before lunch, like some Marine Engineers do.

Before anybody ask; “where’s the green hydrogen going to come from?”
The answer is; it will be produced by electrolysis from clear water and renewable energy (hydro and wind), both of which there are ample supply of in the local area.

Why use that “green” electricity to make hydrogen when it could be used elsewhere to replace fossil fuels?

Probably just to irritate you.
Why else would they spent time and money on anything as dumb as that?

Orkneys has excess of renewable energy to produce green hydrogen:

Because they are either scamming taxpayers, or have too much free money available. Lets revisit this green hydrogen trend in 12-36 months, now that bank interest rates are increasing.