Future marine fuels

The subject of which fuel will be used by the worldwide marine industry in the future has been discussed in different threads before. Time to get it under one umbrella.
Here is first instalment; Hydrogen or Methanol:

Hydrogen produced by renewable energy may be the marine fuel of the future:
Hydrogen production from renewable and fuel cells on ships are already being tested in large scale, but it may be a few years before Very Large Container Vessel (VLCV) can be powered by hydrogen and fuel cells.


I would have thought you’d be all over this story

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I missed that one. Thanks for posting it.

No problem. It’s some pretty impressive stuff

DNV-GL has been looking at present and future marine fuels:

IMO requested to set up an alternative fuel research body:

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DNV-GL see plenty of uncertainty and safety problems with future marine fuels:

Fuel cells for propulsion does not need to be hydrogen powered:
But does that mean that greenhouse gas emission is fully eliminated, or just reduced??
No it does not, but it reduces emission by 45% and virtually eliminate particle and SOX, NOX emission.

Havila has taken steps to sign contract for hydrogen propulsion system to be used on larger ships than projected so far:

It appears that hydrogen is the flavour of the month in Norwegian shipping:

Google translated from Sysla Newsletter today:

And here is how the hydrogen to power the ships will be produced: