Is CO2 a future shipping commodity?

Offshore storage of CO2 will need transport facilities. Several such projects are under planning or even development, incl. in Denmark:

Since nobody else has posted in this thread it should be OK to revive it with the latest development on the subject:

PS> This is not the last we will hear about CO2 capture and shipment.

I remember that FiFi CO2 kept in tanks were a problem when laying up PCTCs as they required, if not continues than more frequent power supply than required for dehumidifiers to be available.

Can’t remember the details now, but it was solved by having a small portable generator dedicated for the purpose.

I’m sure someone here can refresh my memory about the FiFi system on PCTCs.(??)

Northern Light project is moving ahead on all fronts despite high cost an a lot of criticism by the “everything is negative”-part of the population. (incl some on this forum):