Decarbonizing shipping

Yes shipping bosses ARE DO SOMETHING:

At least they are demanding something.

Why create headlines, is it just bling for shareholders?
Just do it?
The history of shiping is they prefer to do nothing until pushed then they get exemptions then rules delayed.
The business operates out of the environment so no money for politicians.
Some rules in ports and thats it.
What happened to the no abaltive or poisonous antifouls by 2020? oh well too hard?

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Where are the unbiased, reproducible studies to verify the hypothesis, and anthropogenic global warming is nothing more than that, that man’s activities are causing global warming? The fact is there are none as all the so-called “data” has been accumulated by computer modelling that requires the modeler to design the parameters on which conclusions are based. Science requires that hypothesis be proven to be valid only after going through multiple studies by other scientists who reach the same conclusions on their own. This has not happened as this entire effort has been driven by people with an agenda that has nothing to do with science, but everything to do with forcing businesses to take actions that are not based on science but are solely based on an agenda.

Consider that the sun delivers an amount of energy to the earth that is more than 5,000 times the energy output of ALL of man’s activities on the entire planet! To conclude, without reproducible proof, that man’s insignificant activities can impact the earth significantly is beyond arrogance. It is tyranny.


The output from a volcano or two does more ‘damage’ than all human activity has ever done, There doesn’t seem to be much discussion of this fact, why would that be?


“Big Class” is setting up panel to be ready for all eventualitet as shipping decarbonize:

Preferably they should be in front of development to ensure that safety guidelines are there for those who are putting their money and future into this.

European Ports agree:

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group Wins Nine CES 2023 Innovation Awards with Its Next Generation Technology in Green Energy and Mobility

If you have been wondering about this “colour code” used to describe the various fuels proposed at the future fuel to decarbonize shipping, here is your answer:


When discussing carbon-free fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen, different colour codes are often used to describe how they are produced. Green refers to production with surplus renewable energy, such as wind or solar power, without greenhouse gas emissions. Grey and blue both refer to using fossil natural gas as feedstock, but in the latter, the carbon dioxide produced as a by-product is captured, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The price of green fuel can be as much as four times higher than that of blue fuel.

Presently, producing green hydrogen through electrolysis, powered by wind and solar power, looks to be the most promising alternative for storing renewable energy. While hydrogen can be stored in either pressurized or liquified form and transported in pipelines, it has some drawbacks – such as the fact that it is explosively flammable. One solution is to convert renewable hydrogen into a more stable fuel such as green ammonia through synthesis, or even as green methanol together with captured carbon dioxide.

Source: Aker Arctic

Not directly about shipping, but fossile free steel is very relevant to ship building:

The prototype was tested above ground last winter:

Last winter, the battery-powered mining truck was real-life tested at the Kittilä gold mine in northern Finland. Photo: Epiroc

Next step is to produce electric trucks from fossil free steel:

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Facts and figures re: decarbonizing shipping: