Green Hydrogen

There is hope for Blue Hydrogen yet:

Even if it only as a stopgap until Green Hydrogen is available in large enough quantity:

The first ropax ferry in Norway now sail on green hydrogen:

MF “Hydra” with the white hydrogen tank clearly visible. The only emission is water vapor.
Photo: Ørjan Richardsen / Woldcam

More details on the “Hydra”, Ship of the Year, 2022:

“Lego” for Green Hydrogen production:

In April construction started on Norwegian Hydrogen’s production facilities at Hellesylt:

No problem with raising capital, even from Japanese investors:

Source: Japansk gigant investerer i Norwegian Hydrogen | Norwegian Hydrogen

New facilities are planned in Ørskog, now far from Hellesylt:

E-LNG made from green hydrogen to power cruise ship “MSC Euribia”. Seen here when she made maiden call in Ålesund 14.June:

MSC Euribia (6327 Pax) nearest and AIDA Nova (6654 Pax) behind. Photo: Ålesund Havn Webcam

Duisport is accessible sea/river ships as well as inland ships. It is also a hub for the Europe-China freight trains:

Hydrogen, the Maritime fuel of the future?:

The hydrogen colour code explained:

Figure 3 – Five Shades of Hydrogen – Source: Control Risks7

Green Hydrogen in the news here in Norway today:

Prodex is a local company:

Provaris is the Norwegian arm of an Australian company:

Another local company (Hexagon ASA), which is active in the North American market, has signe a new contract there:

Big Green Hydrogen and Ammonia projects are afoot in Qld.:

Here come #2:

China is converting sunshine into green hydrogen on a massive scale:

Source: Turning Desert Sunshine into Green Hydrogen: China's Ambitious Clean Energy Transformation - Green Hydrogen News

Flakk Gruppen is now throwing itself into the battle for ferry operations on the Geirangerfjord. Through the company Flakk Starck, they will build two brand new hydrogen ferries for the Hellesylt-Geiranger route:

The vessels Flakk Starck wants to build are combined car and passenger boats with a capacity of 35 cars and 450 people.

PS> Flakk Gruppen is behind the construction of a new hydrogen factory in Hellesylt: