Green Ammonia

Everything have to be “green” these days:

Green Ammonia for marine fuel to be produced in Sauda, Norway utilizing the cheap and abundant hydro power available there:

French company Eramet operates a Ferromanganese smelter in Sauda:

Maersk is moving ahead on the promotion of Ammonia as the future marine fuel:

Rotterdam Port wants to be in the forefront of the green transition in Shipping:

Japan’s Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), Tsuneishi Shipbuilding and Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding have launched a joint project aimed at developing and building an ocean-going liquefied gas carrier that will use ammonia as its main fuel:

How dangerous is Ammonia?
How to make it safe to use as bunker fuel?:

Maybe not so green, but at least ammonia:

Ammonia replacing coal for power generation in Japan(??):

Not only in Japan. In Singapore green Ammonia may replace Natural Gas as fuel for power generation:

Belgian buses used ammonia as fuel during WW2 after diesel supplies were cut off.

Yes a lot of things had to be improvised in occupied Europe during WWII.
In Norway the cars, busses and lorries run on Wood Gas:

Maybe something to look at again with the high price of Gasoline?
Wood gas Generator:

Here is an example from Germany:

Adler Diplomat 3 GS with wood gas generator - Adlerwerke, Frankfurt am Main 1938, fitted with Imbert generator in 1941 due to shortage of petrol, drive via carbon monoxide and hydrogen, 6-cylinder four-stroke engine in series (output with gas operation: 2914 cm³, 26 kW [36 hp] , approx. 70 km/h max.), Exhibit in the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum , Hall II, inventory no. 1984-0601

Maybe not entirely unknown in the US?:

Dodge V10 hauling hay with woodgas. Keith gasifier system

Pure ammonia is very dangerous. You need a full face mask with filter for 50PPM or greater and a positive pressure SCBA for 500PPM or more.

Not too bad maybe, ammonia refrigeration systems are common and usually don’t kill people.

Look up the number of fatalities caused by ammonia and get back to us.

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Technology and understanding of the danger is improving.

Here is a MIT Technology Review on the subject of Ammonia as marine fuel: