Future Ship Joint Innovation center open in Shanghai

Splash 24/7 and ABS is also looking into the crystal ball:

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An outlook on digitalization of shipping by 2030:

More about Ship Concept 2030, what will meet a crewmember stepping onboard a ship built in 2030:

Are they going far enough? Will he/she actually sail on the ship, or monitor the ship from a shore based control centre?

Another article about Ship Concept 2030. This time about Cargo owner’s involvement in driving the change:

Today’s installment of Ship Concept 2030:

Is LNG a suitable transition fuel until a suitable future fuel is found?:

Technology Qualification: Facilitating maritime innovation

Technological innovation drives the maritime industry forward, improving safety and propelling decarbonization. However, many new technologies face challenges in aligning with existing regulations. DNV’s Technology Qualification process bridges this gap, as demonstrated by the Candela P-12 ferry.

Source: https://www.dnv.com/expert-story/maritime-impact/Technology-Qualification-Facilitating-maritime-innovation.html