Got STCW and getting my AB now would i still have to get life boatman

Can u still get AB license without lifeboatman…even if u have STCW

As I understand it, based on recent interaction:

To get AB-special,-limited, and -unlimited you still need to get lifeboatmans, even if you have STCW BT.

For AB-fishing you need a two-day survival craft course. (This may pertain also to AB-OSV but I am no expert on that endorsement).

I do not know were you are but MSTC psc course is good for lifeboatman as well. You just have to ask for it.

Short answer: No. See 46 CFR 12.401(c)(6).

You can get Lifeboatman-Limited instead of Lifeboatman, but you cannot get any AB endorsement without one of the two.

Not sure what you mean by “have STCW.” STCW is not a single endorsement, it includes 30 different endorsements (see 46 CFR 10.109(d)).

Even if you have only STCW Basic Training, you still need Lifeboatman or Lifeboat-Limited to get any AB endorsement. The only acceptable STCW endorsement is “Proficiency in Survival Craft” and if you have that, you probably also will have Lifeboatman, the requirements are the same.