Going to CMA


Hi guys, I have been looking at this forum for quite some time, and finally decided to register and say hello.
I am an American student living in Japan and have just been accepted into CMA. :slight_smile:
I guess I will be joining some of you on this board across the Pacific over there in Vallejo.
Anyways, I look forward to jumping into the maritime industry in the years to come.
Any tips or anything you could provide for a new-coming CMA Marine Transportation student? What should I expect going to CMA?


Congrats! This schools a lot of fun. It’s a nice small school and everyone knows each other. Just be ready to a first year with lots of vocab. I takes a year before you start to get into the interesting (IMO) classes like navigation and radar. Just stick it out. Good luck and see you next year!


Congratulations on getting in CMA. I can’t really give any insight into the marine transportation as I am an engineer. However, you will meet a number of new people and make friends with them. These are the people that you will talk to for the rest of your life whether your in the US or half way around the world. I met some of my best friends going through the academy. Granted you don’t necessarily get the normal college experience, it is very unique and you will get to go places and do things that no other college students gets to.


CMA is like a little island of peacefulness among a sea of chaos.

As soon as you step outside the gate there’s a motel full of drug dealers and prostitutes.

I hate Vallejo.

Freshmen are not allowed to have cars on campus but I suggest you bring a couple thousand to buy a cheap looking car that runs; you can park outside the gate, if it looks cheap no one will try to steal it or break into it but at least you wont be stuck in that godawful town.

The rest of the bay area is pretty nice.