Just applied to CMA, just registered on this forum. I have no maritime experience and I’m getting a late start. I have spent the last several years flight training and have my commercial pilots license. Flying is not looking like a good career these days. My friend graduated from CMA 1 1/2 ago and is doing great, loves his job. I am considering following in his footsteps and pusuing a maritime career. Im open ears for advice and networking. Thanks!

What major are you looking at? I am a 3rd Assistant Engineer Unlimited class of 2008 from CMA. If you get accepted to CMA, there has a been a bit of a change in the way the corps is structured from when I was there. Is your friend a 2008 alum? If so you can private message me his name, I might know him. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

I applied for the Marine Transport program to become a deck officer and 3rd Mate. I’m sure that this is the most popular program since it is now closed for fall of '10. How has the program changed since you were there? Better or worse?