Switching To MT

Hello all. I am a new cadet at CMA. I am in the business major (not impacted) and desperately want to switch to Marine Transportation (impacted). I’ve heard that this is impossible according to admin, staff, advisers, etc but when I ask cadets about this I am told that it is possible. Any information about how to go about this and switch as quick as possible would be great and I would appreciate it. Thanks.

It can be done, I would start by talking to the mt department chair asap, if that doesn’t get you anywhere go higher up you are paying for the education so you should be able to study what you want in my opinion.

Thanks. I did get a chance to talk to the department chair of MT and he said that he was not exactly sure how changing majors works. I’ll go higher up and continue to push. Thanks for the insight.

A critical piece of information if how far along are you? If you’re a junior it won’t be easy and will require staying longer, if your a freshman it should be relatively easy.

I had a couple buddies who pulled this off. The ended up taking a bunch of general ed courses their first year so the year wasn’t a waste. Then they came back as MT. Not sure how they facilitated the transfer through administration though.

I am a freshmen this year. What I have done so far is drop a couple classes specific to Business and added about 5 deck classes. The classes I added will qualify me for the summer cruise.

The registrars office probably has a “Change of Major” form. At least that’s how it worked at SUNY. You probably want to talk to the Registrar or the Dean of Students.