gCaptain Suggestion Box


Let us start off by thanking everyone
for their participation in making gCaptain so successful and allowing
us the opportunity to run this site for you guys. We truly appreciate

That being said, we have some ideas
to improve the site even more but would love to hear some feedback from
our readers. We’re going to keep this post up at the top here
for a little while and are asking you to let us know your opinion.
Tell us what you like, areas we can improve on, new features you would
like to see or anything of the sort.

Again, thanks for everything and
let us know your thoughts. After all we do this for all you mariners
out there and your feedback is important to us.



I think you should put Captain Lee on the Payroll and give him company stock for being so wonderful.






Lee,<br> Do you ever get out from under the desk?


Evidently I don’t spend enough time under the right desk!


Tom/John,<br><br>How about a PM (private message) feature to contact people directly with job/contact info that’s not intended for public view?


Capt.Lee,<br> I WAS just joking, but I guess the jokes on me!! I was kinda hoping for a denial of being under any desk at all. Now I know why you wear your jeans like that. Just for your information, Burt Reynolds called and said he wanted them back!!!<br>


Chat room would be cool. Seems like most of the threads drift off topic a bit anyway… to more of a running conversation. Keep the threads alive for advice… and wow, some really strong information on here; some of you guys should probably charge for the info your passing out. 1-900-Sea-Mens or sumpin. Anyway, from some of the humor I have seen on these threads that chat room would probably be the funniest place on the net. Well maybe not THE funniest, but it would be a hoot i’m sure. Have to register with a z-card to keep the bots out if that is indeed possible. Or maybe I just have to much freakin time on my hands…


There is a PM feature. Click on “account” at the top, then “send private message” over at the top left. John recently enabled it.


<P>I was not going to try that being a newbie and all… don’t want to be forward and inflame anyones priaprism. I worry that it’s contagious. I will keep it in mind though for the special moments.</P>


Yes, I’m sure a 'block sender" feature might come in handy from time to time. Priaprism can be an ugly and painful condition, surely to be inflamed by inappropriate PMs.


John, just poking around and I went to the advertising page where you recruit the good people with money. When you mention your competitors, Fairplay and Loydslist: there are two L’s in Lloyslist. Not just one as you have it typed. I have looked for a way to send this private but I am an Idiot Savant. I can spell but am unable to do anything else without Mommy.
Capt. A, While I am pointing out the correction of the good people at gCaptain, I feel the urge to correct you as well. Do not be offended by my going public my good Sir. In addition to my previous disclosed Savant ness, I am also afflicted with an OCD which compels me to correct all captains that I ever meet. “Priaprism” is actually spelled with only one “R”. This I know from experience, as unfortunately, I am chronic. Often you will find it incorrectly spelled in medical journals as well as maritime chatrooms. It’s origin is also widely misunderstood to be from the Greek god of fertility, Priapus, when in reality the word is derived from my Great Great great uncle on my Mothers side, (they was from Mississippi so we don’t talk to them anymore) Priopiss. Think I’m talkin smack? Google it.


Again I find myself beholden to a C/E’s birthright, superiority. Funny, but this also occured this very day on my tug. But I digress…
Thanks very much for the correction of my poor spelling. As we all know, I tend to hold people who post here to a high standard vis a vis spelling and grammar. I must take my medicine now as well it seems. My heartfelt apologies to you, the group at large, and to John especailly.
I saw the god Priapus’s influence at work one day years ago on Maui when a passenger on my vessel inhaled a Portuguese Man-of-War through his snorkel. In the midst of the resultant anaphylactic shock, the poor lad also developed an impressive case of priapism. According to the Coasties who responded to treat and evacuate him, this is a common occurence. I myself have never been afflicted, as I have the ability to have Mr. Happy to deflate at will, and am not subject to uncotrollable hours-long tumescence. You have, I am sure, been able to put this affliction to work in the basement, perhaps when the need for a breaker bar has arisen, no pun intended.


John, Tim and company,
How about adding a bio or profile to members accounts that would be viewable by other members. It would be totally optional and more than likely with the regulars in Capt_ A, Capt. Lee and anchorman types it would be comical (possibly scary). You could include: Where from, years sailing, experience, whatever you could think up.


Would kinda defeat the purpose of anonymity, eh?


“An impressive case of priapism”, as opposed to one of say… Asian derivation? The fact that the “Coasties” have such extensive exposure to this affliction gives me hope in the race for the cure. I incorrectly thought that I was one of an insignificant minority limited to the members of AARP (medicated), my maternal ancestors and a select few who graciously sit immediately aft of the helm.

You find anything about the Tugs being inspected yet?


If we are doing bios or profiles i want to be first

I am 5’8
i like long walks on the beach
candle light dinners
and poetry read to me during after dinner wine

now you can post yours anchorman


Chaos, I can’t help but notice you didn’t put your weight or cup size.


I’m 4’11"
Purple all over and love to dance.
My hobbie is operating the tamborine at 4o’clock in the morning at the local karaoke bar and singing <strong>“On LIKE Donkey Kong”</strong>


Also,since coming to Guam, I’ve picked up snorkling and nude kayaking, continue to look for good Chammoran strip clubs, and seem to be allergic to Patron Silver.