Thoughts on gCaptain Club

What is everyone’s thoughts on the gCaptain Club? I only really subscribe to gCaptain to get the daily email so I can (somewhat) stay current on industry events. Not too convinced on what the difference is, or why I would pay for something I basically get for free. Any current subscribers want to way in on what they think of the service so far?

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$10.00/ month or $100.00/ year for @john 's “special insight” and such? Pass.

Seems like an attempt to monetize info that regular members offer thier owm perspective on for free here in the forum.

I don’t think I’ve even checked the homepage in a few months now. I enjoy the forum most of all.


The pop ups are annoying, way overdone


Maybe in the club they explain what a “Belize flagged, UK registered” ship is? (See article on front page)

Wouldn’t even raise my eyebrow on a general news site but not what I’d hope to see here.


It is verbitime copy from Reuters not written by anybody at gcapatan.
PS> Most articles in gcaptain daily newletters are either from Reuters or Bloomberg, or sponsored content.

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The ship is reportedly this on:

Source: Houthis say cargo ship is in danger of sinking after attack — ShippingWatch

I guess the real question should be, why shouldn’t we support John, his team and G Captain? Isn’t $100 per year for a news and info subscription worth it? When most others are much more expensive (i.e Tradewinds, Lloyds, FT, etc, etc). If he shuts gcaptain down, for lack of financial support, would you regret not trying to keep this open? Its the cost of doing business these days, and maybe we should support and everyone involved.


Pepperidge Farm remembers “Gtrax”

Fool me once…


You make a good point about supporting gCaptain. I agree. However, recalling some of the other attempts to monitize gcaptain, I hesitated and decided to take a wait and see approach.

A good working App for the Forum that is sold in the AppStore would be a more straightforward way to support gCaptain. It might also have the benefit of screening out some of the tourists, know nothings, and crazies.


You’re right, we are all lost after John has shut down his other ventures, like the “how to get laid in a shipyard” guide (understandably NSFW link), it was a steal by comparison at just $50, (or $70 adjusted for inflation.)

I just don’t see $120/$100 year value in what he’s offering, I doubt a members only discord server would be the best place for maritime conversation, given the average age of mariners It’s a miracle we get as much conversation on Reddit as we do. I’m familiar with the struggle of monetizing on the internet, but I think he’d be better off using gCaptain to push a master class of some sort, or some other sort of content creation over this gCaptain+, especialy when we realize the “CEO of gCaptain” and the 2021 “#1 most interesting person in shipping” - A title I can not get to stick on the SUNY Maritime Wikipedia page under distinguished Alumni- he is in fact, just some guy.

I am glad gcaptain exists, but not to the point I’d pay money for it. Best of luck, John, hope to hear you reading “Better Help” ad copy soon.


What is FT?

This for real?

Outlets like workb***, professionalm******, and maritimeex******* -just to name a few- offer comparable reporting for the unbeatable price of free… so I don’t see this working.

That being said - anyone else notice that this forum is ad-free? That John’s deep dive editorials cover stuff no one else does? I’m happy to buy gCaptain Merch to support, but sliding the good stuff behind a paywall? Nah.

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Ok. That is something completely new to me. This was actually a thing? Ooof…

I’ve been a bunch of shipyards. Sex is about the last thing on my mind when I’m in one.


Jeez!!! . One of the best comments on this academia -straightforward , concise and w/o ass licking. Spot on.

As You mentioned 10 top item I could not resist the temptation to chip in with a little bit of my sarcasm If I may.

I am a subscriber to Lena Göthberg podcasts , as to many other podcasts regarding “shipping” . Some of the topics are interesting ,some seems to me smell with B.S. and propaganda.

She looks to me a dedicated LGBTQ+++++++++++++ warior and a staunch if not fanatical feminist crusader, always unhappy ,that there is no 50/50 in shipping on gender issue. I do not mind and do not comment on Her main agenda and narrative and if I like sth i spread her stuff to some other F.B. forums and/or groups.

But I have noticed sth ,that disturbs me a lot in all these years as a seaman. There are three groups of people in what is called shipping.

a) those who do their job for a living at sea and on shore .

b) those who make their living by teaching abt jobs at sea and on shore
with some past practicall experience-so called " have beens "

c) and those who never made an “efing” dime in their lives doing, what is mentioned in items a) & b) above but make a huge pile of money TALKING at length about our jobs and calling themselves experts and champions of this industry.

What is more disturbing , is that those in item a) & b) are heading for extinction, while those in item c) whom I have always been calling " shoreside slackers", are colonising this industry like proverbial pandemic. And it seems to me ( I may be wrong of course) they have created a huge " self licking ice cream cone" that will never stop growing.

And Madam Lena in my subjective opinion belongs to group c) . Sorry but i had to spit it out.

It’s real…I’m curious how somebody found it and know that John is the one behind it.

Financial Times

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A sex guide?

Just regurgitating reuters?

Disparaging Dr Sal?

Dozens of memes my kids see on instagram?

Crap about gTrax???

Ager about a $10 a month club that nobody’s forcing you to join?

Are we not allowed to make some extra pocket change to keep the lights on?

Why am I paying thousands of dollars a month to keep this forum open? Advertisers don’t want to touch it and only a tiny handful of you have done anything to get your companies to come here and post ads.


Should I pay to host a forum that disparages me and my friends?