gCaptain Hidden Gems

The first posts were made to this forum nearly 10 years ago and the early days had some great posts! Some of my favorite were just the simple roasts between regulars like @anchorman and @Capt_Lee. Old timers and those good with the search tool… link to your favorite hidden gem posts!

Here’s a few of my favorites:
F’n Yachters:

Funny Sh*t My Captain Says:

Is the USCG Preparing for way?


What about the one with the guy that was running for president and was criticizing the ship that actually saved him and his wife out at sea with out launching their lifeboats (I think that was the title of the thread, “Using Lifeboats as a Platform for Rescue” or something like that, but it got a little out of hand - funny stuff though!). You didn’t delete that one entirely, did you?


I don’t remember that one so, no, I didn’t delete it.

You mean this one?:

He did indeed try to run for President:
He probably didn’t have enough money to make it.


This thread had possibilities till the coffee snobs ruined it. Coffee in the CFR’s


That’s the one! Pure gold. A gCaptain group effort if there ever was one. Thanks!

My all time favorite.

Oh my.

Maybe on my first visit to the gCaptain forums I found the following exchange which took place in 2010 and copied it. I absolutely loved the correct use of grammar and the innovative use of the puctuation by both the contributors while they were basically having a go at each other. In the intervening eight years we have become so PC that maybe it would be deleted today – or maybe it’s going to be!

COMMENT 1: I saw the job ad on the net too but they have no website. That tells me the bubba runnin’ the show is ol’ school. I may apply to this job but will have to do it over the phone. The phone interview is where you either stop or pass go. That is also where you muster your experience and pass the phone test or not. That is if they will even talk to you without you bein’ there “in person” to apply. That is code for stay away yankees. Some jobs are not what they appear or there is ‘coonass navy’ sode and tests to pass unless they are ina real bind. The lack of website has ‘coonass navy’ written all over it.

COMMENT 2: I gotta ask why would you want to waste your time with the “coonass navy”? Kinda seems as if you have something against people down the bayou. One would assume that everybody from out of state would understand that local companies want to provide jobs for locals first. Nothing against the out of state guys, a lot of you come to Louisiana nd make great captaiins, deckhands, etc…but as a Louisiana native working in the marine transportation industry, I do get tires of hearing out of state guys do nothing but talk trash about Louisiana and coonasses. I would think that it would be the opposite. If you are from out of state, unless they give you a reason to dislike them, try to appreciate the fact that you have a high paying job that is provided for you by the ‘coonass navy’.
Just realise that the ‘coonass navy’ a lot of you out of state guys complaain about, are the ones who put food on your family’s table. Keep in mind that a guy with just a GED can’t make anywhere near the money that we make offshore in most other places. I like working with people from different parts of the country, but when they start talking about how ignorant coonasses are, or just trash talking about Louisiana it really upsets me.

More likely this stuff is not seen because the GOM slowed down. I can’t seen anything there that could be considered non-PC. Whatever PC means, everything and nothing.

Anything posted by @albertpachino


Oh, that was an awesome one. And years later the dude came back or the thread came back.

Just remembered this one.

Modern Management or the Command System?

One of my favorites. . .

Here’s another memorable one:

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Those are wonderful.

People forget the forum broke the news of Deepwater Horizon. We had probably 8 hours of exclusivity before major news picked it up and reported that everyone survived.

These are the first pics



We can’t forget this one:

Captain Hired as Crew:

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I have been able to get some work based upon posts like this. . .

There was one the other day the person mentioned they had worked on yachts so they knew the life at sea. That got some interesting replies.

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