Free for the taking; Syria: Used U.S. Military Base, good condition, to a good (Russian) home

Bringing home the soldiers at the cost of how many innocent Kurdish civilians?
The 50 US soldiers that was a hinder to Turkey’s attack on SDF, the US allies that fought the war against IS/ISIS for the west, was not in any danger.

Taking credit for the Kurdish success in defeating IS/ISIS, only to leave them to be slaughtered is NOT a very honourable thing to do in my opinion.
I think most of the world shear that opinion and will remember this misdeed for a long time. It is certainly not going to make America and your President any more popular around the world. On the contrary. (For Trump, more despised if that is possible)

Maybe you and others think that an American life is more worth than any other, and that Kurds are dispandable?

Maybe many of us are tired of wasting taxpayer money and lives meddling in middle eastern affairs that have been going on for a thousand years. ISIS is gone, our mission is done. Do you think that the US should attack Turkey, a NATO ally, over a thousand year old feud? We have trained up and equipped Kurdish forces at great expense so that they can stand on their own. Now its time they do.

Also you seem very intent on the US staying there. Are you encouraging your government’s politicians to fill the void with troops from your country?

Hopefully the rest of the world is so upset about this that they refuse US financial aid and that money stays here, where it belongs.


You are arguing a point no one is arguing. No one said Kurds lives dont matter. Again, why is that a problem for the US troops? Why dont u ask your government to send some troops from your country over there to look out for the Kurds you care so much about.


Not in any danger?
Have you ever been in a mortar attack? I have. It sucks.

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There are two issues here: One is whether we should withdraw, and the other is the manner in which the withdrawal was ordered.

The first (whether we should withdraw) is an issue on which honest individuals can disagree and is a legitimate subject for debate. I am willing to be convinced that the mission was essentially complete and that an orderly (3-6 month) drawdown was justified.

The second (the manner in which the withdrawal was ordered) is one that I find utterly indefensible. It makes a total mockery of all this administration’s “Support the Troops” rhetoric, advances the interests of Assad, ISIS and Putin, and puts the world on notice that any agreement with or support by the United States exists at the peril of our President having one of his brain farts.



You’re injecting reason and deliberate arguments into an internet p***ing contest? Has that ever worked?

On occasion, not often. Play to the lurkers, not the partisans.




What is maybe the worst in this whole unsavory situation is that America is losing respect and its position in the world! China and Russia are slowly, or not so slowly, taking over the leaders role in the world and I am totally unhappy with the situation.

Mind you I am 100% for America, they were one of the main liberators of Europe with huge sacrifices and I will never forget that.


And Trump and his hard core supporters don’t even have the decency to be ashamed.



Didn’t this happen after the 50 soldiers that was “guarding the peace” had been withdrawn and after the Turks had got the green light to start their offensive?
(I know that Trump now says he never gave any green light, but who believed what he says anyhow)

Norway have special forces in Syria and Afghanistan still. There are also Norwegians training the army in Iraq.

BTW; Our future daughter-in-law is presently home on 12 day leave from Mali, where she serves as a nurse with the Norwegian Air force who have transport plans serving the NATO forces there.

Quote from Trump’s speech in Italy today:

The United States and Italy are bound together by a shared cultural and political heritage dating back thousands of years to Ancient Rome.

In Historiography, ancient Rome is Roman civilization from the founding of the Italian city of Rome in the 8th century BC to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD.

His timing is a couple of centuries off, he has obviously no historical awareness. Not good for a genius.


Tut,tut,tut… Stable Genious. The stability trumps any knowledge of world affairs or history. Fox News told me so.


You really don’t read well. None of them were in danger until Trump gave a green light to invade. They sure were in danger after that. As the article notes. Yeesh. You are bad at this. Stick to whining at the local town meets on your taxes.

Are you just depending on people not reading the article for themselves? Direct cut and paste from the article:

Trump decided late Saturday to remove all of about 1,000 U.S. troops from the area within weeks, as a Turkish invasion targeting U.S.-allied Syrian Kurdish fighters against the Islamic State expanded deep into Syrian territory, cutting U.S. supply lines and endangering American forces. A week ago, after a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Trump had ordered several dozen troops to pull back from the immediate border area when Turkey said an invasion was imminent.

Turkish invasion targeting Kurds was deepening, Turkey informs the US that an invasion is imminent, Trump withdraws the troops…what’s wrong with you?

Nothings wrong with me. There is something wrong with pretending that the President didn’t have opportunities to intervene, prevent invasion even if only to cover retreat. Here’s a hint, American forces don’t choose to leave bases and equipment behind that they have to bomb. And Presidents are capable of projecting force to ensure those positions are not threatened.

It is impossible to spin this Syria Turkey thing. You dig a hole by even trying when even Republican toadies won’t try. But keep up with that blind adherence, and you know, still waiting for an answer on North Korea. Good luck!


And if Turkey said FU, we’re invading anyway and those US troops get killed, what then? War with Turkey because we wanted to “cover our retreat”? To “save face”??? The fact that we had such a minimal presence on the ground there told Turkey and everyone else that we were not committed to being there. Turkey said, that’s it, we’ve had enough of these Kurds, we’re invading. Trump did the right thing by getting our guys out of the way of a conflict we have no business in.

It’s been mentioned on here before, but when did the liberal ilk become so hawkish? Answer: When it’s the opposite of what Trump wants.

Sorry I wasn’t specific…you are of course entitled to your own opinion about policy matters…what I meant was, what’s wrong with you that you would deliberately mislead the readers of this forum about what was in that article by making false statements about what was in the article? I mean…do you work for CNN? Did you study under John Gruber (Obamacare Architect) and think the readers would be “too stupid to know the difference”?

THIS is the ilk I’m referring to.

turkey that shot down a russian plane, now friends with russia
russia in syria because the USA on the other side.
need to remove oil from the world then they couldnt afford to cause so much trouble with their wars that have been running for thousands for years then extra trouble caused by Europeans countries chopping up and inventing countries like they did in Africa then arabs upset israel was invented.


While I agree that the USA should meddle less in other regions affairs this was handled badly. You don’t make promises and then break them on a whim. Just like in our work lives we as a nation are judged by our own personal integrity. The USA’s integrity which was already sliding down just took a big hit.