Free for the taking; Syria: Used U.S. Military Base, good condition, to a good (Russian) home

As an outsider it is great that this and the other thread with Trump as a weather forecaster are fought on the keyboard. It keeps the casualty rate lower.

The final betrayal of the Kurds. Trump who caused all this will probably claim this ‘deal’ as a personal victory.

PS - He just claimed that thanks to him millions of lives have been saved…

This is a great day for civilization. I am proud of the United States for sticking by me in following a necessary, but somewhat unconventional, path. People have been trying to make this “Deal” for many years. Millions of lives will be saved. Congratulations to ALL!

I feel like the green berets do on this. Embarrassed.


Have been watching the coverage on BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN , CNA and NRK on this “deal”, but what has actually been agreed and by who??

I have not yet heard what the Kurds have to say and whether they are actually going to surrender the area they have fought for for year and where their families live to the Turks (or anybody). Are they actually going to pull back 32 km. from the border??

What happen to the IS/ISIS fighters and their families that is sitting in camps in this area? Will the fighters disappear and the women and childrens starve to death in the camps, since nobody is there to take care of them?

Neither have I heard what the Syrian Government have to say about giving a large swat of their country to the control of the Turks.(??)

How will the Americans help move the YPG, or enforce any of this “agreement”, since they have pulled out and blown up much of their facilities and ammo?

Then you have the Russians, the Iranians, the Islamists groups and sundry others that it appears not having been “consulted”. Are they meekly just accept and agreement made between US and Turkey??

I could go on, but that ought to be enough unanswered questions to keep everybody busy for a while.

The ceasefire gives Turkey everything it wanted, allowing them to annex a portion of Syria and displace the Kurdish population with the blessings of Trump. It is expected that the pro Turkey militias will not stick to the ceasefire and will go on attacking and murdering the Kurds.

The Turkish government is insisting that the agreement is not a ceasefire, but only a “pause” on operations in the region, reflecting Ankara’s views of the status of the Syrian Kurds.

Very promising…

It is obvious that Erdogan has won on all points with this ‘deal’, Douze Points.

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The Democratic senator Chris Murphy was even more blunt. “Let’s be clear: this essentially gives Erdoğan everything he wants – it ratifies a Turkish takeover of a huge swath of the country and calls on the Kurds to abandon their territory or else the slaughter will continue,” Murphy said. “This isn’t a diplomatic victory – it’s the capstone on Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds.”

From WP yesterday:

Looks like this Syria situation is causing more “meltdowns” in Washington than global warming:

This one is definately man made though.

I find your argument compelling and reasoned. Im not sure how to draw down from 1000 troops, but I get what youre trying to say. The boots on the ground, the guys for whom this is personal, seem to agree with you, at least privately. There seems to be no end game for the middle east, and I guess I find that frustrating.

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Mr Trump later added: “Turkey’s going to be happy. The Kurds are going to be happy. ISIS is going to be unhappy.”

The Kurds are driven with violent force from their homelands and as a result they are ‘going to be happy’. I have no words for this obvious lie.

Not so privately anymore, from the man who used to command those boots:

Admiral McRaven on Donald Trump



In the above article of the NY Times is also an interesting link to a story of a rogue Navy Seal who is protected by the Commander in Chief. He seems to like dictators and street fighters.

It is fairly understandable that the hosts of late night comedy shows will have a field day with the way Trump is and has handled this mess, but I like the way Gen. Mattis does it:

He can speak freely now that he is retired. I meant the Green Berets.

Trump keeps repeating Erdogan’s lies about the supposed ceasefire. He twists in turns to explain the unexplainable and washes his hands in innocence. All is in hand and goes according to plan. What plan?

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The Jews had already purchased quite a bit of the land they were “given”.

Yes, but does that make their land a sovereign nation??
Lots of land in USA is owned by foreign persons or entities, it is still “American soil”, is it not??

I think the war they fought afterwards made it theirs.

The Brits got out of the way in 1947 to allow the parties to fight it out. They are still at it. (Sounds familiar??)
BTW; I cannot open the page you linked to.

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