Foss Mate's

Saw this for those of you looking:

[B]Job Title:[/B] Mate[B]Job Location:[/B] Seattle, WA with travel all over the world
[B]Job Description:[/B] : Primarily, the Mate of a towing vessel is responsible in assisting the captain in towing, docking, and unloading of barge and other vessels, from port to port. The Mate supervises the crew when the captain is off watch with the operation of the vessel. He/she is responsible for the safety of the vessel and crew while underway, as well as being responsible for the safe movement and navigation of the vessel and their tows. Finally, the Mate is responsible for maintaining a healthy work environment with the crew, and the personal health of his/her self and crews, to safely and effectively perform their jobs. Maintains a constant and accurate vessel official log, makes sure the crew adheres to and acts out Foss company policies. Schedule: The normal work schedule is between 30-60 days on and off depending on the job. Work shifts (watches) are six hours on watch and six hours off and so on during each day. Due to the type of work associated with ocean towing, the Mate may be expected to work extra hours on some jobs, which may affect the schedule.
[B]Qualifications:[/B] MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma is required. Also must have a marine operations background; being familiar with shipyards, tugs, and barges. Necessary experience is dependent upon the individual, but a minimum of 5 years sea-going experience on towing vessels. Must have US Coast Guard Mate’s License, 1600 GT or Greater (500ITC) Oceans with Mates of Towing Vessels upon Oceans endorsement preferred. Current GMDSS radio operator license. Current radar observer endorsement and FCC marine radiotelephone operator permit, merchant mariner’s document. STCW 95 endorsement required.
To apply: Send resume and cover letter to – or fax (206) 270-4899. Resume should include a cover letter and salary requirements.
Foss Maritime Company is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and a Drug Free Work Place - Participant of the E-Verify Employment Verification Program
[B]Compensation:[/B] $60,000-90,000
[B]Contact Information:[/B]

Thats appx $325-$500 a day, equal time.

Foss really doesn’t seem like they like to pay people.

Thats very low pay for a big company like Foss.

Last I heard, Foss mates are on annual salary with a 150 day work commitment (often this means two 75 day trips per year). So you need to redo your math based on 150 days per year. IF they work over 150 days they get paid double the day rate for each extra day. Last fall Foss was trying to hire temporary mates, so that they would not have to pay so much of that overtime. I don’t know about the mates, but some of the masters get a lot of extra days.

Foss is hiring and I hear that they are flooded with applicants from the Gulf. Foss is quite fussy. I don’t think they’ll hire anyone without PNW experience.

Do they still have any boats on the east coast or gulf doing any towing? Haven’t bumped into any like I used to.

Thats what I was thinking, thats more like Mac pay.

Yep they do.

Such a prestigious PNW Union company would never do such a thing! (Sarcasm, for c.captain)

Otherwise, thanks for the insight into Foss. Hopefully it’s a good lead for at least one person though.

I don’t know about the PNW but I am pretty sure that the wheelhouse is management, not union in SF bay.

[QUOTE=dredgeboater;159159]I don’t know about the PNW but I am pretty sure that the wheelhouse is management, not union in SF bay.[/QUOTE]

That’s right, the Foss wheelhouse is management. Everyone else is IBU, that bastard step-child of the ILWU where the mariners make less than half of the ILWU dockworker wages.

Foss has a 150 day base work year. $60,000 for 150 days works out to $400 per day. $90,000 for 150 days works out to $600 per day. OT for extra days would be at $800 and $1,200 per day. So a mate that works an extra 30 days, totaling 180 days, would make an extra $24,000 to $36,000 per year. That puts the salary for 180 days at $84,000 to $126,000.

Last year Foss was paying $500 and $600 for mates. Maybe now that they are flooded with resumes from the Gulf, Foss is trying to hire some cheap $400 a day 2nd mates this year.

Foss is not as good as it use to be, but it is still a good company.

How long are the hitches? How do they compare to sause brothers? I see theyre looking for mates as well.

They sold out on the east coast

yeah I can’t remember seeing anyone since they got rid of their boston operation. But like I said I just haven’t seen any myself.

There’s one lurking around towing container barges etc.

[QUOTE=acesouthcoast;159199]How long are the hitches? How do they compare to sause brothers? I see theyre looking for mates as well.[/QUOTE]

Foss hitches on the outside boats are typically 60 to 70 days. But I hear that Shell will make them do 21/21 on the Shell Arctic drilling work.

The last I heard Sause Bros. was vertical IBU with a low wage contract. Sause is based in Coos Bay, Oregon which is loosely kind of the West Coast equivalent of Tangier Island. Sause is a very capable and successful company that has built or rebuilt a lot of good equipment, and with a lot of skilled captains, but they do not have a reputation in the PNW as the best company to work for.

[QUOTE=acesouthcoast;159199]How long are the hitches? How do they compare to sause brothers? I see theyre looking for mates as well.[/QUOTE]

Sause hitches are 30-45 days, and typically run six weeks…from what I was told.

Wow 60-70 days is a very long time to be on a tug. I can barely do 21.

My guess is they are looking for Reddog people those are long summer hitches. They do also have two itb’s that run all over the world. Lauren Foss was doing relief aid to Africa but I see she’s headed back to seattle presumably for shell work they have 2 1x4’s for shell this summer

And which companies would have the best reputations?