Foss Job Postings

See job postings for Foss. No recent discussion so checking if any comments on starting as AB (union) with progression to Mate. Pay, hitches, overall experience, etc.

I’d like to hear the current FOSS pay scale

Me too. I know they have some SIU positions now on the east coast. I’d assume the IBU West Coast/Alaska contracts pay more.

No idea on pay,
But the oceans fleet is on a 45ish day rotation.

I figure that the East Coast SIU contracts must be similar to Crowley’s.

It’s oil, but I think it’s probably a lot less than PNW and Alaska.

There is no good reason for the current FOSS pay scale to be a secret. Plenty of people know.

Let’s here it!

Red Dog Alaska.
45-60 day hitches. Paid travel to/from.
AB. $23.53 hourly IBU Rate.
8hrs at 23.53 and you accumulate an additional 6hr at 23.53 toward your Accumulated Time Off
Total compensation is 338.42 or 42.30 per hour.

  • $9.00 per day for food
    OT available.
    IBU Dues are $90.50 per month and there is also an initiation fee of $900.00 payable over 3 years.
    Not sure if that includes medical costs.
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That’s the four FOSS tugs to and from Tacoma and working at the Red Dog Mine just above Kotzebue, Alaska. AB $338 per 8 hour day, plus overtime.

I’ve never quite understood how ATO works. Can someone please explain it in this case? Thanks.

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It’s vacation pay. In this case, for every day worked you earn 3/4 of a paid day off.

But it’s just the figured at the base rate of $23.53 an hour.

Normal day 8x$23.53

ATO day 6x$23.53

ATO has never been very attractive to me. I’d rather just get paid the money that I have already earned at the end of the pay period.


So in this case the person would earn $338/day for 8 hours work, and then $141.18, for that day, on top of that, to be paid when off, correct?

Nope. 8x$23 equals the normal day rate of $200
It only become $338 counting the ATO.

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:+1: Thanks.

Why do you always assume PNW pays more than anywhere else?

My observation is the PNW and NY tugboat wheelhouse wages are about the same. Everywhere else is generally less.


What is FOSS paying Masters and Mates?

FOSS has been advertising. People must be inquiring about these jobs. They are being told what it pays. So what is it?


Last I knew the Foss Atlantic SIU contact matched Crowley’s East coast pay exactly. I’m not sure if it still does now, Crowley recently had huge raises to stop losses due to supply boats paying loads of money right now.

FOSS has a new ad out seeking ocean towing mariners with STCW:

Starting pay $62,000 a year

Chief Mates and Engineers. $82,000 to $120,000

The last I had heard Foss was paying a year round biweekly salary based upon 150 days of work commitment per year. If the y call you in for less than 150 days, you still get full pay. If you work over 150, you get more.

Example: $120,000 / 150 = $800 a day.

If you work over 150 days, you get extra pay. I’ve heard conflicting reports that it’s at the implied day rate, or double the implied day rate ($1600). A few years ago there were guys complaining that they couldn’t get any of that extra money, and other guys complaining that they had to work over too much.

I’m glad to see that Foss is getting smart and advertising their salaries.

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