Crowley AB pay

Just curious if anyone knows current Crowley pay for AB’s be it IBU or Jacksonville container run ect. Please post or PM me. Cheers

Somewhere between low and lower.

When they offer you a job and tell you the pay, you will start laughing. They will blame it on their so-called union and tell you that their hands are tied.

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Last I knew when I worked at Foss they gave 5 hours ATO a day and the word was that Crowley was giving 8. I think Foss was like 23 an hour. It was a few years back.

PNW Is a different contract. I would expect Foss and Crowley to be about the same. Crowley has shrunk down to a small number boats in the PNW.

I would take a stab at their ATBs. They pay really well.

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I believe I need my pic. I’ll look into getting my barge captain license too. :wink:

PIC is a plus but they still hire without it…AB/Utility.

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I’m sure it’s not high enough to get that piss beat out of you from philly to pr, although it sounds funny , prolly worth trying a couple times !!!

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Ab tankerman make 495 a day. You work boat and barge, but of course all those positions are taken.