Foss Engineers

Hoping to learn more about a career at Foss from an engineering standpoint, I would appreciate any input. I’m currently sailing deep sea as a 3rd Assistant Engineer unlimited, and will soon have my 2AE unlimited licence. Looking to transition to tugs, preferably on the west coast, and Foss is currently hiring for their ocean towing fleet. What do salaries and rotations currently look like at Foss for engineers? How is engine room manning structured for the ocean towing fleet, and what do the runs look like?

Damn. You must love punishment? Good luck man!

Rotation is around 45 days equal time. That’s about all I know. Boats look nice but too long for me. They’ve been looking for a while for people on their ocean fleet. Sause is looking for engineers I think. Try Western too

Most tugs run one man engine rooms. I know some of foss’ bigger boats have assistants. Those ads you are seeing aren’t necessarily for the west coast/Alaska…I know they got some things going on on the east coast as well.