Dunlap towing

anyone ever work for dunlap?how many engineers on oceangoing tugs?pay?ato?pros-cons? thanks

Never worked for them but work with them. They have 4 or so sea robin class ex Crowley tugs, and prob 6 more ocean going tugs. They are a good outfit as far as tug companies go on the west coast. They do have engineers.

MM&P and IBU, heard there was a bit of damage up in Dutch recently, and they do slow down in the winter…

Rshrew, you work at western?

Engineers are IBU, one per boat. Licensed engineers get day for day ato, unlicensed engineers get less but I am not positive what. 1 for 2 maybe.

thanks for all the replies.very helpful.im looking for an assistant engineer position on west coast tugs.ive heard some of the larger oceangoing tugs have them,dont know.guess ill call around monday but like to do alittle research beforehand.thanks, sail safe

Why assistant engineer? Why not only engineer?

laziness,old age,excuces excuses.ill sail as solo chief.its just nice to split the load when s#*t hits the fan.ive changed out power packs alone underway and its very do-able,help is nice although ive had some help with good intentions that…well…!

Yes I do, capt. in the harbor.

The best captain in the sound…

You guys have some nice boats! Ive been in the foss yard straight across all week. I had a class at compass with a couple of your guys deck hands.

Thanks, the guys work hard to keep them up.

[QUOTE=Bonerjams03;64276]The best captain in the sound…[/QUOTE]

is that chocolate on your nose?

Congrats, you failed to realize basic sarcasm. It’s obvious you work in the maritime industry based on your intelligent response. I hope you continue with these sharp quips… Thank you

[QUOTE=Bonerjams03;66247]Congrats, you failed to realize basic sarcasm.[/QUOTE]

On the contrary, I think [I]you[/I] are the one who failed to realize basic sarcasm.

Thank you for proving my point…

[QUOTE=Bonerjams03;66354]Thank you for proving my point…[/QUOTE]

If your point is that you have no idea what you’re talking about, then yes, I have proved your point.

It’s obvious you work in the maritime industry based on your intelligent response.

If you are suggesting that because I work in the the maritime industry that I am incapable of an intelligent response, then you would be insulting almost everyone who reads this forum, including rshrew. I must assume that [I]you[/I] don’t work in the maritime industry, otherwise you would also be insulting yourself. So, if you don’t work for Russ, then you must just be part of his fanclub, a tug boat groupie. Maybe he took you for a ride one time on the Dwamish, or maybe you are the guy at the Ballard Locks who brings us newspapers? Either way, nobody cares. It was a joke. Get over it.

Oh good ol’ Louis the lock man.