Are they no pacific tugboat companies

hiring at the moment? I need to get my feet wet again, after being absent from the offshore workplace for almost 3 yrs, “early retirement” 31yrs old, I live in Los Angeles, would like to work in long beach for awhile before I go knocking on doors in Louisiana, all I am looking for is “pirate boat company” you know, hired you on the spot, 3 days or less on the boat type company, any info will be appreciated. thanks

Most if not all the tugboat companies are IBU in Long Beach, so you will need to join and get scraps for an indefinite amount of time if you want to go that route.

Ship Services by rep has a high turn over so if you want to have some cash flow and can hang working on call there’s them. American Marine and US water taxi are two other companies to check out for crewboats. American Marine is SIU and they have some tugs.

Pacific tugboat has tugs and crewboats but they are going IBU last I heard.

Salmon bay barge lines goes out of SF to Hawaii right now they are private

Anybody know anything about salmon bay? They have an engineer posting right now.

Old equipment emds but they pay and are busy

Do they do even time?

I hear better than average pay, plus fully paid travel, with ok benefits after 90 days. They run 4 man boats. I have not heard anything about the schedule. I hear most of their boats are single screw.

All Correct, they do not have a schedule to my knowledge

thank you all for the info, I will definitely check them out, one more question, are these companies alike Louisiana boats companies, example: twic, stcw (some required it) and NMC (MMD) and you are able to work in Louisiana, or does this companies required something else for them to hire you? for example: vessel security class which El camino college business center was asking 150-250 for the class.

thank you for the info, I will check them out. thanks again

I work for Salmon Bay, most of our boats are EMD powered, some of our runs, especially the Kahului/Stockton run, can be on the longish side. The round trip is usually about 7 weeks. Crews are the minimum required and watches are, of course, 6 on/6 off.
What I’m saying is…if your experience is on newer boats with larger crew, be prepared for a change. Most of our boats, the crew shares a “limited living space”.
…but we have work aplenty.

As far as scheduling goes…flexibility is the key, there is no union, no even time, just plenty of work.
You will be required to assist in loading/unloading, that can mean a week or more of 12 hour days before you go home.

PM me if you want anything more specific.

I would say ships services is your best bet. The IBU will put you the bottom of the D list and you maybe get out once or twice a month if your lucky. I know a lot of B list guys just camp at the hall.