Florida Surgeon General recommends against mRNA vaccines

It’s funny when it’s happening to somebody else. :sunglasses:

Now do Austrailia.


There was a young and promising but poor doctor who had had some success in immunology and wanted to open a clinic in Paris, which at the time was the global leader in medicine because of the Institute, a medical and scientific organization that was so prestigeous that it remained open to all even during the Napoleonic wars, when many British physicians still visited regularly.
The young physician was made infamous because he publicly questioned and rejected the Institute and senior physicians’ clinical use of phrenology, the science of diagnosing mental and personality ssues… based on the shape of a person’s head. For his rejection of the consensus, the young physician was forced to take a job and patients outside the city, and had to fund his research out of his own pockets (and with the quiet help of silent supporters) where he wasn’t yet blackballed… because the experts had spoken and the science was settled.

Anyways, you might have heard of him. His name was Louis Pasteur.
History is fascinating, not least because it wants to repeat itself. I don’t blame anyone for trusting the experts, and I also don’t blame anyone for questioning them with extreme rigor.


Good post. I say if you don’t like the science, wait 10-15 years for a whole new crop of smart people to come along & claim they got it all figured out.

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And also to see if there’s any long term side effects.

If you’re young-ish and healthy, the odds are on your side… If not, you probably gotta go ahead and get the jab(s).

Thalidomide, Vioxx, Fen-Fen and the Tuskeegee studies make being mistrustful of any oversight agency a reasonable attitude to hold. De Kruif’s ‘The Microbe Hunters’ is a history of the early microbiologists, neutral in tone, and great reading. Pertinent still today.

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Except that Louis Pasteur wasn’t a doctor/wasn’t a physician, and didn’t therefore see patients. He was a chemist/biologist and a professor. His work lead to great things in medicine, but in later years it was also discovered that he may have stolen credit for some of his discoveries. History is fascinating, but it’s better when it’s accurate.


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New York issues warning over ‘early and aggressive’ flu outbreak

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New Yorkers have been urged to get their flu jab ‘as soon as possible’ as the state grapples with nearly four times as many cases as last year.

The New York Department of Health described the current outbreak as ‘early and aggressive’, and warned that it showed no signs of slowing.

There are were 596 confirmed flu cases recorded in the week ending October 1 — compared to just 150 this time last year.

Both figures are massive underestimates because flu is not routinely tested for in the same way Covid is.

Experts fear the early surge in flu - which is also happening in Washington D.C. and several southern states - will cause a ‘twindemic’ this winter when Covid is expected to rebound.

There has been barely any flu for the past few years after the virus was sidelined by the more infectious Covid virus and lockdowns shut it out also.

Washington DC joins Texas in the ‘high’ flu activity level, according to CDC data. Since the map was made, New York State cases have spiked and are now four times what they were last year

CDC shows flu cases are on the rise, while experts are anxious a twindemic of both Covid and flu may be on the horizon

Flu case rates in New York State for the week ending 25 June 2022. This is the last week the New York State holds data for, but an online seasonal dashboard is due to go live at the end of October

Flu prevalence in New York State in 2020-2021, according to the state’s flu tracker

Flu prevalence in New York State in 2021-2022, showing a huge increase from 2020-2021. Experts are expecting a further increase for the current flu season

Where did the flu go the past two years… and is it already back?

The flu’s spread was massively curbed over the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Viral interference from Covid combined with mitigation measures like masking and restrictions on indoor events led to little spread of the virus.

As a result, many did not build up natural immunity to the virus in the past two years and have neglected getting their yearly jab.

Experts fear that this year’s flu season will be the worst in years after both New Zealand and Australia were slammed by the annual nuisance in the southern hemisphere

Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, issued a warning about the rampant spread of the flu in the Southern Hemisphere in August.

New York and some southern states like Texas, Georgia and New Mexico are already experiencing surges of the virus in September - before flu season even officially starts in October.

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NY’s hotspot areas are the New York City/Metropolitan region, the Capital District and central New York, with 57 per cent of the cases recorded by upstate counties.

Flu season typically runs from late October to May, peaking in winter.

But September’s figures are higher than usual, the Department of Health said, with cases still growing week by week.

As of Monday, 44 New York counties were reporting people with flu.

Officials consider this widespread as more than half of the state’s 62 counties have been hit by the virus.

New York State health commissioner Dr Mary Bassett said in a statement: 'I urge all New Yorkers to protect themselves and their family and friends by getting a flu vaccine as soon as possible.

'With the early and aggressive spread of influenza, the annual flu shot is the most effective protection against serious illness.

‘The Covid booster can also be administered at the same time as the flu shot to further protect your health and those around you.’

Citizens should get the jabs ‘as soon as possible, earlier than perhaps they typically would’, the Department said.

New York tracks flu activity on an online seasonal dashboard which is due to go live at the end of October.

The latest data shows 45.5 per cent of all American adults and 50.1 per cent of New Yorker adults are vaccinated against flu.

It comes amid fears of a ‘twindemic’ in the US this winter.

Both are contagious respiratory infections with overlapping symptoms, making it tricky to tell between them.

The flu was largely wiped out over the past two years of the pandemic when lockdowns, working from home and the far more transmissible Coronavirus limited its ability to spread.

A lack of exposure to the pathogen over the past two years has left the immune system of many Americans unprepared for the flu, increasing the risk of a more severe infection.

There are already early signs the flu is making a comeback with large rises across the US south in recent weeks, with Texas reporting a tripling in cases from September 8 to 29.

Dr Luis Ostrosky, chief of infectious diseases with UTHealth Houston and Memorial Hermann, told DailyMail.com that the figures seen in Texas are usually not experienced until the peak of flu season in December.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reporting moderate flu activity in Georgia and New Mexico as well.

Florida also reported an unusual surge of the virus over summer that has since tapered off.

Washington D.C. is also experiencing what the agency describes as the worst outbreak in the nation right now.

Only a few hundred flu cases were confirmed by health officials nationwide in September, though figures were significantly underreported.

As colder weather pushes more Americans indoors, experts fear the virus will begin to rampantly spread among an under-prepared population.

If previous winters are anything to go by, Covid cases are also bound to erupt this winter as well — with the latter halves of 2020 and 2021 seeing spikes.

Officials say poor vaccine uptake — just one per cent of eligible Americans have had the new Omicron booster — means there is still scope for a deadly Covid outbreak, even with the milder BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) even recommended parents give their children two flu shots this year if they have never received the annual jab before.

While House Covid response coordinator Dr Ashish Jha said at the start of the month that: ‘I really believe this is why God gave us two arms, one for the flu shot and the other one for the Covid shot.’

Less than half of US adults plan to get the flu jab, finds survey

Only 49 per cent of adults said they were intending to get the flu vaccine, despite over 60 per cent agreeing the jab is the best way to protect against death and hospitalization.

1,005 American adults completed the survey from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases in August this year.

41 per cent said they were unsure or do not plan to get the shot during the upcoming flu season.

The most common reasons for not getting vaccinated included thinking vaccines do not work very well and being concerned about potential side effects.

Others said they never get the flu or are worried about getting flu from the vaccine.

And one in five Americans who are more at risk of complications from flu said they won’t get the jab.

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New research sheds light on an emerging parallel COVID epidemic

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LOS ANGELES (KABC) – Because so many residents in Los Angeles County have dealt with COVID-19 infections, many now view the virus like a common cold or flu.

New research suggests that’s far from the truth.

With concern over COVID waning, a parallel pandemic is emerging.

“We’re still learning about the long term health effects of COVID infections,” said L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

Dr. Michael Ghobrial with the Cleveland Clinic said they’re seeing it more commonly in younger patients.

This comes as doctors across the country are dealing with a growing number of patients who can’t shake their initial COVID symptoms or have acquired new symptoms that last for at least a month or more. Some cases have been going on for two years.

“The most described symptoms of long COVID include fatigue, reduced exercise capacity, breathing problems, brain fog and loss of taste or smell,” said Ferrer.

Various studies find long COVID, or long haulers syndrome, can strike in all populations.

“It’s more in females compared to males. It’s also more common in patients who have comorbidities,” said Ghobrial.

In a study of several thousand veterans, Ferrer said the new evidence suggests repeated COVID infections increase one’s risk for long haul syndrome.

“Many of these disorders were serious and life changing and included stroke, cognition and memory disorders, peripheral nervous system disorders,” she said. “The risk of having long term health conditions was three times higher for those infected three times compared to those who were uninfected.”

Avoiding infection is the key, and while COVID vaccines and boosters don’t always prevent infection, numerous studies find it can reduce the risk of long COVID.

“Those who had two doses of vaccine before getting COVID had an approximately 75% lower chance of getting long COVID,” said Ferrer. “While those who got three doses had an 84% lower chance of getting long COVID.”

While we have much to learn, Ferrer said getting vaccinated and boosted appears to be one of the simplest ways to significantly reduce your risk.

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I haven’t had any long term effects “yet” but know people who died who didn’t have a vaccine. I’m sure there’s people who had the vaccine & died of covid anyways but none I know. I trust what I see with my own eyes.

My wife has a close friend, 30 yrs old who was an anti vaxxer which is fine by me. Not my business. This friends whole household was anti vax, 60’ish mom & dad & 1 brother. Her friend got covid first, then the mom & dad. A week after the healthy dad got covid he was on a ventilator. A month after no improvement while in a coma state they pulled the plug. IMO, that man didn’t have to die. He died of stubbornness. His daughter will carry the guilt of bringing covid home from her job forever & now a year later they’re selling their family home. Too many memories & too expensive. The rest of the family is vaccinated now though.

Although we force the kids to get the flushot we let those healthy young teens decide if they wanted the useless covid vax or not & they said no. This summer the family vacation was in Europe. The kids had the options of staying with the grandparents or following Spains guidelines, getting vaccinated & coming with the wife & me. We all had a great time together in Spain.


That’s because the vaccines haven’t been out for a long term yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m vaccinated and boosted so I’m certainly rooting for no effects, but that was my worry as that first needle entered my arm.

I didn’t feel like I had a choice as my job and my family are in different countries so traveling required it.

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The Florida surgeon general’s analysis isn’t published, wasn’t peer reviewed, and has already been debunked.

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Further proof that this has absolutely nothing to do with listening to the experts.

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How does linking her credentials which prove she’s an expert somehow prove she isn’t an expert?

What do her credentials qualify her as an expert in?

Running a blog? That appears to be the sum of her work experience. Her PhD work which she apparently did not receive any job offers for is not relevant to the subject at hand.

The Pfizer trial data wasn’t peer reviewed and was only published long after the vaccines were rolled out when they were forced by a court to release it. I think you’re just saying words.

She has an MD and a PhD. She’s definitely more qualified than you.

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Yes it was.

It was published in the December 2020 New England Journal of Medicine.


It never ceases to amaze me that so many smart people who should know better greedily swallow all this antivaxxer coolaid, and continue to spread vaccine and covid misinformation with a religious zeal.


You don’t know what you’re on about ‘Paramount importance’: Judge orders FDA to hasten release of Pfizer vaccine docs | Reuters

I linked the fucking study!